Valentine’s Day Gets A Lot of Mixed Feelings

While some people love the opportunity to spend a day showing their love for someone, others think little of the holiday, and of course, there’s also that group of people who love the day after Valentine’s Day… because of discounts chocolate!

I think I’ve been in basically every category of feelings towards this holiday over the years. Currently, I’m residing in the category of “avoid the actual day (and the crowds) and celebrate the day after” almost like we’re actually just celebrating all the discounted chocolate- which I can totally support! We’ll probably enjoy a delicious dinner or lunch somewhere and exchange some small gifts because we’re the low-key sort of couple, and happily so!
What traditions do you have for this holiday?

If you’re lacking in ideas for what to do on this warm fuzzy feeling day, check out these fun suggestions for Valentine’s Day activities and alternatives around town!
Sarasota is FULL of a variety of classy to causal restaurants and they all seem to be hosting Valentine’s dinner of some kind! If you’re interested in doing something new, just type “Valentine’s Day” into Google and toss “Sarasota” in along with it. You’ll get a ton of suggestions ranging from the bar and party scene to fancy dining and dancing!
Not into this heart-filled holiday? Or simply going solo for this one?

Don’t be a curmudgeon and hide out like the Grinch on this day!

There’s always another option, like having an “International Quirkyalone Day” Party! Whether you’re by yourself or with friends, take the opportunity to celebrate with a feel-good mentality towards self-empowerment, gratitude, and romance! And treat yourself! You’re worth it!
Not much a party person, or prefer to avoid all the romance everywhere? You can always celebrate on a different day (like me!) or take an alternative route to romance by going on a different type of date with your S.O.- maybe try being a tourist in your own town, or have a date at the dog park! Consider making the effort to go out of your way for your partner and ask what they want to do, even if it’s not your cup of tea, sometimes making the effort can really help the heart!

Not intrigued yet?

Well, this may not be a holiday for you, and that’s ok! But do try to enjoy what the holiday brings around (discount candy) and the good intentions that come with it!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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