Is your bathroom or kitchen starting to look dated? This is a very common problem in our Sarasota/Bradenton area. What used to be in style is now out of date and it’s becoming painfully obvious with each passing year.

    On top of that, signs of deterioration are beginning to appear. At some point for almost every house, we get to this point when it is time to remodel.

    Remodeling can be what you want it to be. It can be small and subtle to freshen up a bathroom with a new faucet and/or modern toilet, or it can be a little more involved with maybe a new cabinet as well as some new paint.

    bathroom remodelOr you can go all the way and remove the drop ceilings, change the tub to a nice walk-in shower, expand the bathroom and throw in a new kitchen as well. The size and scope of the renovation project are up to you, your desires for your house, and your budget.

    At Next Level Plumbing we are often called in for these upgrades whether big or small. We can often help clarify what changes are going to be reasonable, and what changes will dramatically increase the scope of the job.

    Sometimes only a plumber and a painter are involved, sometimes all the trades get involved and so does a general contractor. We have a lot of experience working in all of these situations and would be happy to discuss your remodel with you.

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    Our other services include drain cleaning, water and sewer lines, water heaters installation and repairs, and also installing water filtration systems.