About Merit Plumbing:
A Visionary Leadership

JJ Donaldson, hailing originally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, brings a wealth of experience and a passion for excellence as the CEO/Owner of Merit Plumbing, based in Sarasota, FL.

In 2004, JJ ventured to Florida as part of a Canadian company tasked with a significant project: relining municipal sewer systems for Sarasota County. His expertise and dedication quickly propelled him to play a pivotal role in Florida’s operations. However, as life evolved with the addition of a family, JJ found himself seeking a more balanced lifestyle that didn’t entail frequent travel or extended periods away from home. This prompted his transition to a residential service plumber in Sarasota, where he embarked on a journey of skill refinement and professional growth.

JJ Donaldson & Family

Driven by a commitment to excellence, JJ embarked on a rigorous four-year plumbing apprenticeship, swiftly followed by obtaining his master plumber license. Equipped with a solid foundation and a clear vision, he founded Merit Plumbing in 2021.

His mission?
To redefine customer service standards while revolutionizing the perception of the plumbing profession.
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In a strategic move to enhance service capabilities and expand expertise, Merit Plumbing recently joined forces with Next Level Plumbing. This collaboration allows Merit Plumbing to access a broader range of resources, expertise, and innovative solutions, ensuring higher service excellence for clients.