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There are thousands of different fixtures available to us today. There are a huge variety of options to choose from when it comes to faucets and sinks. It can actually be quite overwhelming to sift through. There are not only a plethora of different looks for fixtures, but there are a lot of brands and styles to choose from.

How do you not only find the look you want? But also make sure you are getting the right fit for what your house has? And on top of that, to make sure it’s in a reputable brand name?

That is where Next Level Plumbing comes in. We have years of experience helping customers know what options they have available to them, and pointing them in the right direction. Everyone’s needs and wants are different, and we can help guide though what could be a rather confusing process.

Then once the selection has been made we are able to make the change out. Don’t worry about getting the misc. materials needed for the faucet or toilet, we stock those on our truck, and we make sure we have the good quality parts that are not always at the department stores.

Our personal favorite faucet brand names are:

  • Moen. Number one because they have the best warranty service hands down, and make good products to match.
  • Kohler. The make quality products, and have great style.
  • Delta. They are last on the list on purpose. Keep your receipt, or they might not honor their warranty.

Our other plumbing services and repairs that we do include water heaters, drain cleaning and clogs, bathroom and kitchen remodels, issues with sewer lines, and water filtration systems.

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