Water and Sewer Lines

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Have you ever driven past a yard where their yard has a long trench dug from their house to the street? Many times this is for the plumber to replace either the sewer line or the water line to the house. These are the main lines and out of the house. The water line is the clean water that comes into the house from the street and feeds all your faucets and water heater.

The sewer line is what it sounds like, it takes all the sewer water that goes down your drain and takes it to the street where it connects to the main line where it goes to the treatment facility.

But why would you need a new line? There are a lot of reasons.

  • Old galvanized waterline pipe choking off the water flow.
  • Copper waterline pipe that is starting to spring pinholes.
  • Cast iron drain pipes that are choking off the drain flow and causing stoppages.
  • Old Orangeburg drain pipe that is simply crumbling

At Next Level Plumbing we have come across all these and more, and are familiar with what it takes to permanently solve the problems. We can dig up the ground as needed, pull the permits required, and cover back the dirt when it is all done.

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We can service other plumbing needs or issues you may have such as running toilet and toilet installs, installing water filters, and also remodels and upgrades in your kitchen/bathroom.