A leaking or broken sewer line can be a nightmare for any homeowner. Not only is it inconvenient and uncomfortable, but if left unaddressed, it can lead to expensive repairs. But how do you know when your sewer line needs to be replaced? Here are eight common signs that indicate it is time to call in a professional plumber.

1. Persistent Slow Drainage or Drain Backups

One of the most common signs of a failing sewer line is slow drainage or frequent backups in your home’s drains. This means that the water cannot flow through the pipes properly and instead backs up into your home’s drains. If you’re noticing this problem in more than one drain, there’s likely an issue with the main sewer line.

2. Gurgling Sounds in Drains

Another sign that something may be wrong with your sewer line is gurgling sounds from the drains when you turn on an appliance such as a washing machine or dishwasher. This indicates that air is trapped in the pipes due to blockages or other issues, so it’s time for a professional inspection.

3. Flooding Septic Waste in Your Yard

Flooding septic waste in your yard can be an incredibly unpleasant and dangerous problem that indicates you need to repair your sewer line immediately. If left unresolved, the problem can damage your property as this septic waste material contains bacteria and other hazardous contaminants for humans and animals. These contaminants can cause serious illness.

In addition to the health risk, the standing water may cause damage to any landscaping around it or weaken any structure it is in contact with. Therefore, repairs should be done as soon as possible, and you should avoid contact with the affected area until it has been professionally addressed.

4. Pools of Water on Your Lawn

If you’re noticing pools of water randomly forming in your lawn, it’s a good indicator that you need to repair your sewer line. The most common causes of these excess pools are clogs and cracks in the line. You’ll want to call an experienced and qualified plumber in order to identify the issue.

In some cases, they can clear out the blockage, while other more extreme situations may require replacing the entire section of the pipe. It’s important to take care of this issue quickly because blocked or cracked pipes can create an environment for hazardous bacteria, leading to further damage inside and outside your home.

5. Foundation Problems

You may also notice cracks in your foundation walls, which could indicate an issue with your sewer lines; this usually happens when the soil around the piping begins to erode due to leaks or breaks somewhere along the length of the pipe. When erosion occurs, pressure against foundation walls can lead them to crack and shift over time if not appropriately addressed by professionals.

6. Foul Sewage Odors

The smell of raw sewage coming from inside your home can be indicative of problems with your main sewer line; this happens when sewage begins leaking from breaks in pipes and builds up instead of flowing away like it should be normally doing out into city sewers or septic tanks, depending on which type system you have installed at home.

7. Mold Growth on the Walls

It’s common to find mold growing on walls in areas of the home where humidity levels are high, such as bathrooms. However, mold growth in other parts of your home could be a sign that your sewer line needs repair. If a sewer line has a break or is damaged, sewage and moisture can seep up through the foundation and escape into your home.

Not only does this create unhealthy living conditions due to potential contaminants traveling along with the moisture, but it will also create an ideal setting for mold to grow and spread unchecked. By paying attention to signs such as discoloration and deterioration of walls or musty smells coming from drains, you can quickly identify a problem before it gains significant footing.

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