Need some Next Level Plumbing tips from the best plumber in town? Perfect! We’ve got you covered! Next Level Plumbing’s owner and master plumber, Byron Thomson, has some tips for you on how to maintain the faucets in your home!

The single biggest thing you can do to help the finish on your faucets last longer is to keep them dry. It’s really that simple. It’s also that annoying. I know, I don’t like cleaning off the faucets after every use, but it makes a huge difference.

Several years ago I did plumbing in a customer’s home that was probably at least 50 years old. the customer always made sure the faucets were dry after every use and the original 50-year-old faucets looked brand new. I was there to fix the insides of the faucet, but on the outside, it could have come from a showroom.

This simple tip can keep your new faucets looking shiny and well kept for years to come.
Don’t use Comet or any other abrasive cleaner on it as this damages the finish. Just drying it usually is enough, and in the rare times you need more, use soft soap to clean it.

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