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Common Courtesy Customer

We see a lot of trends come in go in the plumbing industry, but some stay the same! One current trend we still see on a regular basis is the very clear distinction between customers with common courtesy and those without!
Being in a service industry, we always appreciate customers who show us common courtesy! It’s harder to come by these days than you think!
common courtesy

Definition of common courtesy
: politeness that people can usually be expected to show
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Here are some examples of common courtesy that Byron, our master plumber, and NLP owner, has experienced!

  1. One of the most helpful things can be as simple as being easy to work with when scheduling. It can be very difficult to accurately determine when exactly we will arrive at your house, and the understanding that sometimes the day doesn’t go as planned for the tech is a relief. We try hard to arrive on time to our appointments because we know you have a life and want to get on with it, but extending the extra courtesy of allowing for occasional timing changes can make a world of difference for the plumber.
  2. Another helpful thing that is easy to forget is to clean out the cabinet that your plumber will be working in. We clean them out all the time so it isn’t a big deal when it isn’t done, but we always appreciate the customers that know we will be working in an area and clear it out first.
  3. One easy thing to forget is to move your car if you or someone else has to leave while the plumber is there. I always try to park out of the way so cars can go in and out as needed, but in tight places, I’m forced to block someone in. It is always nice to know we need to switch vehicle spots before I am all set up and starting to work.

Obviously, these are not usually huge deals, but it’s little things like this that can make your technician happier, and make his job go a little smoother!

At Next Level Plumbing we always do our best to be considerate and go the extra mile for our customers regardless of circumstances!

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It’s our goal to always be positive and professional so we can help be any plumbing problems or emergencies taken care of quickly and efficiently! If you have need of a plumber, please reach out to us by call or text or by email.

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