Byron’s Tips for a Sparkling Clean, Hassle-free Toilet!

Tip #1

We all want a maintenance-free toilet that stays clean, but a word to the wise- do not put bleach tabs in your toilet tank as it creates a high concentration of chlorine in the tank, which causes the rubber parts in the tank to fail much more quickly. The same goes for the blue goo that goes into the tank. If the tank leaks onto the floor with the blue goo, it will stain your floor!

Tip #2

Instead of chlorine tabs or blue goo, I use this product as it is a safer option to use. It does use chlorine to clean the bowl, but it only puts the chlorine into the water that goes directly to the bowl instead of having it sit in the tank continuously.

Tip #3

Some toilets are designed better than others, and there is more to the design than looks and flush capabilities. Another important, but an often overlooked feature, is how the toilet washes the sides of the bowl during each flush. A good toilet will not only flush the contents well but will also wash the sides of the bowl as it flushes. If your toilet does not clean the sides of the bowl well, it is either improperly adjusted in the tank, or is not designed well.

Tip #4

Do you hate cleaning around the toilet seat? Does it always leave that small dirty gross-looking line around the seat mounting hardware? They make seats that have a quick disconnect which makes it easy to remove the seat for a quick clean, and then pop it back on. Problem solved!

Tip #5

Sometimes the toilet is dirty not by any design fault, but by user error. This can happen with any toilet, and there is no perfect product to fix this. The only thing that can help in some cases is to replace the current toilet (if it is around front style) with what is called an elongated style. The elongated style has a bigger opening and therefore increases the chances that more will end up in the toilet.

Tip #6

Can I use sandpaper on my toilet? Use it as a last resort. The sandpaper scratches the clear coat on the porcelain which causes the toilet to stain in easier. The only time to use it is if the other remedies do not work and you are faced with replacing the toilet or using sandpaper. Just know that although the sandpaper will work, it will stain faster, and you will have to clean more often. This goes for any porcelain plumbing products.

We hope these tips are helpful to you! Byron certainly is the best plumber I know of, and as honest and helpful as can be! So take his advice, try a few of his tips, and have a fantastic day!

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