Just reading the title of this post makes me automatically think “expensive” and groan inwardly. But it doesn’t have to be that way! And hopefully, I’ll be able to show you just what I mean!

Having your plumbing repaired or replaced is rarely cheap…. and if it is, it’s probably done by someone not licensed or with materials that won’t last. As I watch my husband run his business though, I am starting to see why plumbing companies charge what they do! It’s simply an expensive line of work- materials and all! Since that’s established, let’s look into how to do a spectacular kitchen plumbing makeover without breaking the bank!

Step 1: Know you’re price range

This goes for what you want to spend on changes being made as well as who is making them! Also, be prepared to bend a little, by this I mean if the estimate is too high, ask if you can buy the parts yourself, do some of the labor yourself- different things to lower the price! Many plumbers will be able to look at the quote and give you a range of options. Work within that price range and be realistic. The lowest price rarely means you’re getting a quality job done, you will end up spending more money in the months to come having that fixed when you could’ve spent that same money, or less, earlier to hire a plumber who will do it right the first time!

Step 2: Recognize what’s Reasonable

Pinterest is a beautiful land that teases us with the most fantastic ideas and possibilities for everything from cooking to home renovations to fashion! It’s practically the new Google! I’m not ashamed to say I have boards for practically everything under the sun that I pin to regularly! The majority of what I pin will probably never actually make its way into my house, but hey! It’s fun to imagine and save pins for ideas later on! Recognizing what is accessible, what works in your home, and what works with your budget is key! Let’s say you want a whole new sink set up, but you also want the lighting in the kitchen changed and it’s really time for a new refrigerator… but your budget will only cover the sink and lighting, or the fridge. Starting with necessities is the most logical way to go, but it’s up to you! If you choose to do the sink & lighting you’ll need to get quotes from an electrician as well as a plumber! Ensuring their quotes line up with your budget is important as well as getting the job done in the timeframe you’re looking at.

Step 3: Make it Happen

Knowing what you want is easy, getting quotes should be too! Not every plumbing company provides free quotes, but we do! It’s as simple as calling (or texting/emailing) us and scheduling! We will come out and look over everything then sit down with you to discuss prices, your budget, the timeframe, and whatever else you want to discuss! No charge for a free estimate! Once you’ve found the company you want to do this fantastic kitchen makeover for you, (even if the makeover happens in baby steps) schedule the time to make it happen! The plumber should come right on time, be efficient, and do the work cleaning up before they leave! Don’t settle for anything but the best! Good luck to you on your plumbing remodel endeavors! Don’t forget to give us a call if you need a quote on any plumbing work!! We look forward to working with you!

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