Everyone has memories that connect to different times in their lives. All of our senses come into play to help us recall the past, and sometimes déjà vu can hit us hard if we smell, hear, see, taste, or touch something that reminds us of a past memory.

Summer has always been a season that the senses help to distinctly remember for me.
Summer brings me back to seeing my friends all rejoicing for being out of school, listening to the horses run in the paddock when they’re let out in the morning; the taste of lemonade, cold watermelon, hot dogs, hamburgers, and those red, white and blue rocket popsicles at cookouts with friends and family; feeling the sand in between your toes and the cool waters at the beach when you can’t take the summer heat anymore… smelling the saltwater in the air, sunscreen, vanilla milkshakes, coconut and lime body lotion, and the list goes on.

What does summer make you think of? What did your senses help you recall?

The blog today is all about those summer scents and bringing them back into our lives to make our homes a little brighter and happier!

Did you know today is National Vanilla Pudding Day? And yesterday was National Strawberries & Cream day?

Two things that definitely remind me of summer!

Let’s bring more summer scents into our homes with some fun and easy DIY Bath or Kitchen Accessories!

Check out these cool lotions, soaps, bath salts, and more that can transform the atmosphere of a room with their fantastic summer scents!

  • 5-Minute DIY Pineapple Coconut Pina Colada Sugar Scrub
  • Green Tea & Aloe After Sun Lotion
  • Neapolitan Soap Pops
  • Summer Scented Play Dough
  • Summer Diffuser Blends

Want to see more fun summer-scented DIYs? Check out our Pinterest- “The Pinteresting Plumber” and look for the board titled “From the Blog to You” to learn more about the many different Pinterest finds we’ve connected to our blog!

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