Yesterday was National Boss’s Day!

National Calendar- Boss’s Day

Did You Know?! Did you celebrate with your boss?

October 16th was a special day on my calendar, but it’s probably a day many others don’t know about or choose to celebrate.


Not everyone knows there’s a day out there just for celebrating your boss, if they do know, they might not WANT to celebrate their boss, or maybe they just aren’t on good enough terms to stroll over and give their boss a big ol’ hug. Whatever the situation is, it’s ok! Luckily for me, my boss is my husband!

I love being asked what my job is because it allows me to explain that I’m employed by my handsome hard-working husband! Ironically, after I say I work for my husband, they ask what the business is, or what my husband does, to which I reply, “He owns Next Level Plumbing!” However, while most people acknowledge and even appreciate the hard work they do and the money plumbers can make, they don’t usually have the best immediate perception of plumbers as individuals.

Byron definitely doesn’t look like a plumber according to basically everyone (from friends to new customers) so when they meet him they’re usually taken aback by his neat, clean-cut look and quiet, exceptionally polite, and professional manners. This is one reason I’m always proud of my boss because he exceeds expectations and always goes above and beyond in everything he does, not just in running his business!

There’s no doubt about it, Byron is exceptional at his job, which is why he started Next Level Plumbing! But I’m really not writing this blog to solely brag on Byron and the hard work he puts into making Next Level Plumbing so “next level”… I’m also writing this as a reminder to everyone out there to take the time to appreciate and be thankful for their bosses, or really, whoever is helping lead them in the business they’re in, or the job they do! If you’re your own boss, then give yourself a well-deserved hug!

So on that note, it’s not too late! Send your boss an air hug (that they know about- secretly doing it is nice, but not as effective), a “thank you” call or text, grab them a cup of coffee, or let them know how much they’re appreciated for their hard work! You might be surprised how much they appreciate that an employee is going out of their way for them!
Let them know their work and effort are valued!

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