Have A Pet?

Ever think that adding some unique plumbing fixtures might make living with that furry friend easier!?

Here are two fun, inventive, and useful plumbing additions you can add to your home to make it more pet-friendly!
(And beneficial for you too!)

Indoor/Outdoor Automatic Filling Water Bowl

Check out these autos. filling water bowl ideas, click this Pinterest link to our board “From the Blog to You” to see how simple or fancy you can go with something like this! There are some that come ready to install, some that are DIY style, and others are more likely to be built with the assistance of a plumber! If you have something special in mind, let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen for you and your pet(s) no matter how big or small they are!!

Indoor/Outdoor Dog Washing Station

If you think a dog washing station would be a great addition to your home, check out the awesome variety of styles from upscale to simple set up click here! Click on the board “From the Blog to You” to see some of the cool inspiration ideas we pinned, if anything catches your eye, let us know! We will happily help you create & build the perfect pet washing station for your home, pets, and lifestyle!

Tips to Pet-Proof Your Plumbing

You may not realize it, but pets can have quite the impact on your plumbing! Here are some tips to help you keep your plumbing well maintained with pets in the house.

TIP 1~

If your pet gets dirty and muddy playing outside, try to rinse them off as good as you can outside before bringing them in for their bath, this will spare your drains and pipes from too much dirt or fur getting clogged up in them! This will save you from a clogged drain issue later on!

Better Yet! Give that outdoor washing station a consideration if you have a pet that regularly becomes a ball of mud & fur! While you still don’t want too much mud and fur going down the drain, an outside washing station will help eliminate a mess inside, the smell of a wet animal, and will provide a great alternative to the hassle of bathing your pet indoors!

TIP 2~

Keep your bathroom doors closed! Not all pets are troublesome, but occasionally a pet will get into things they shouldn’t. To play it safe and keep your pet from needing a vet visit, it’s best to keep all bathroom cleaning chemicals out of the way of any pet’s reach. If you can, avoid using chemical drain cleaners, for the sake of your pets, and for the sake of your pipes- it won’t be kind to either of them!

TIP 3~

Keep enough water out that your pet’s thirst is always quenched! The most common reason pets will drink out of the toilet is that it’s simply the source of water they recognize first! Closing the toilet lid and making sure they know that their water bowl is full should be enough to remind them of the preferred drinking option!

On That Note… look into investing in an automatic filling water bowl for your pet, so that no one has to worry about filling up the water for the pet, simply make sure it’s working properly and check it every day to make sure it’s doing its job, and you should be set!

Your pets will be thanking you every day when you show them how much you care!!

As always, don’t hesitate to give us a call or text! Whether it’s a last-minute problem or something you want to schedule to be done at a later date, we’ll be more than happy to help you with any plumbing issues you may have!

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