Pets & Your Plumbing!

Both are important topics- both discussed by someone important to Next Level Plumbing! Take it away BayMaxx!

Hello, again friends! I am very happy because today is the day I share with you two things I know well! Pets (like me) and plumbing (like what Dad does)! There are two important things I want to tell you, and there are also some tips I want to give you so both your pets and plumbing stay happy and in good shape!

Topic 1: Keep Your Pets & Plumbing Separate in all ways!

In case I am giving you confusion, this is what I mean: keep anything that meows, barks, robbers, squeaks, chirps, or bubbles away from your plumbing! Example time! I have heard of humans finding Goldie fish dead (or just not wanting to keeps him anymore) and flushing Goldie fish down the toilet!!! This is bad, because if Goldie fish is alive- it may end up like a monster Goldie fish living in a pond where all the water goes!

Another example! I have been told by friends that some people flush their cat litter or feces down the toilet! Not a good idea! This is because there are bad parasites in cat feces that can be harmful to humans! The litter can also cause issues in your drains since it won’t flow out of the pipes under your house as it should! So be careful and throw it away from the correct way!

Topic 2: Man’s Best Friend, but not always the Plumbers!

I see that the boy being chased is not a plumber- but please pretend he is! We pets love to be a help to you- ok that is not all true- cats do not help anyone… only dogs help. See how the dog in the left picture is helping? We love to do this for our parents and family, and even if we are willing to play nice in the sandbox with other people and animals, it is our job to protect our home and family from the bad people! So, like the pup on the right, sometimes we mistake a little human dressed as Batman, or a plumber like Byron, or the mailman, as a bad guy!

Parents of pups??? Please do us, and any technician coming into your house, a favor and keep us from accidentally protecting when we’re not supposed to!?! Byron has had many experiences where dogs have chased him out of the house. He does not want to be bitten, and he does not want to be chased, but he cannot do his job if the dog and its humans will not let him! He has also had many people tell him “My dog is very nice! He will not bother you!” It is not always true though… It will be nice if mom is standing nearby watching, but if she leaves I tend to forget to be nice and go back to being guard dog! Some plumbers/technicians truly do not mind dogs! But it is best to be courteous.

Pet & Plumber/Technician Etiquette:

  • A. Ask if the plumber/technician is ok with your pets before inviting them into your home!
  • B. If they are not ok, please be considerate and put your pets away in a place where they cannot get out or be let out by mistake!
  • C. If your plumber/technician is ok with your pets, please stay within range for safety reasons, it would be bad to leave and come back to find your pet has injured your plumber and he can no longer complete his work because of it!


  1. Close your toilet lids! If you have a pet that’s tall and awesome like me- we might mistake the toilet bowl for our water bowl! And I know from being a plumbing pup that there’s nothing good inside a toilet bowl! At least not for me to drink! So please spare my fellow pets the embarrassment of drinking from the wrong bowl and close any toilet lids your pets might have access to!!!
  2. Cover any exposed pipes in the house! I’ve gotten past my “chew on everything” phase (mostly) but I know some other pets haven’t gotten there yet! If you have pets that love to chew on anything- make sure they don’t pick an exposed pipe as the next object of obsession! The pipe won’t stand a chance!!
  3. Prevent digging outside! I know it is hard to constantly watch our pets, and besides, we tend to do the things you don’t want us to when you’re not looking! Still, it is best to be careful if you have a pet that likes to dig! It would not be good if they uncovered a plumbing line outside while you were doing important things inside! Your outdoor plumbing lines will be safe from any digger as long as they are covered well and/or out of range of the digging dynamo!

Thank you for spending time with me today and reading about my tips and tricks to safe pets and plumbing!! And don’t forget- sometimes pets can be scary! Please do not let your pet scare away a plumber or technician like this pup scared this poor cat!

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