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Shower Draining Slow?

One of the frustrating things to deal with when you are showering is a drain that doesn’t drain as fast as the shower fills it. You end up standing in dirty water for the remainder of the shower. It gives the feeling that your body is clean, but your feet are not clean at all.

There are several reasons the tub drain can be slow. One of the most common reasons is hair right at the opening. If you see hair, remove it. Other times it is slow because the drain itself under the tub is stopped up. This requires a snake to clear it.

One of the rarer, but still somewhat common reasons is the lever that stops up the tub has failed and stays partially closed causing the slow drain. When this happens you have two options.

  1. Install a new lever stopper. It will come with a new spring and can be attached to the old linkage that does the work of stopping the tub up when the lever is activated.
  2. You can remove the old-style drain and install a touch toe style. This is a more modern-looking style and is more reliable. Most people prefer this. You can plug the drain with your toe, and unplug it with your toe. Hence the name “touch toe”.

When you replace the whole piece with a new touch toe style drain and cover plate it is a new finish (often chrome) and makes the tub look fresher as well!
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