Gone are the days when a bathroom existed strictly for daily personal hygiene. In our smart technology era, bathrooms are becoming spaces for pampering and relaxation. We want our bathrooms to be more comfortable and personalized than the purely task-focused rooms with a sink, a toilet, and a shower and/or tub. Bathrooms in 2023 are getting a makeover to bring in more technology, spa-like features, and modern appearances. Let’s explore six of the most intriguing new bathroom remodeling trends.

1. Wall-Mounted Fixtures

One of our favorite trends is the new plumbing fixtures and vanities that open up more floor space and make it easier to keep the bathroom clean. Tankless streamlined wall-mounted toilets and bidets take up less room and allow for easy and thorough cleaning of the fixtures and the floor beneath them. Wall-mounted vanities provide the same aesthetic and ease of maintenance as wall-mounted fixtures. Faucets that extend from the wall above the sink offer more space on the counter and leave you less area to wipe around. A bathroom with sleek lines and curves eliminates nooks and crannies for moisture, mold, and dust to accumulate in.

2. Fabulous High-Tech Showers

There is a lot to like about a large walk- or wheel-in shower. The latter allows for aging in place, a concept that is at the forefront of universal design right now. Tubs are not a priority for those who want to remain at home throughout their older years. Once you have chosen the area and finishes, you’re free to concentrate on making the space as inviting as possible. Trending shower features today include:

  • Rainfall/sunflower shower heads
  • Hand showers
  • Programmable water or steam jets
  • Seating bench
  • Integrated audio systems
  • Dimmable lighting
  • Frameless glass enclosures and doors
  • Linear floor drains

3. Slab Finishes

Smaller tiles with multiple grout lines are out. Many designers are choosing larger porcelain tiles or planks for floors and walls that have smaller and minimal joints. Solid slab countertops, such as quartz, are durable and super easy to maintain. Solid glass backsplashes brighten up smaller spaces by reflecting light. Fewer joints and grout mean fewer areas for mildew to gravitate toward.

4. Subtle and Soothing Color Schemes

Do you remember those avocado green and brown plumbing fixtures or pink and sky blue 4×4 wall tiles? What were we thinking back in the day? Bathroom finish and fixture colors are trending in the direction of white, creams, earth tones, and grays. The bathroom is a private sanctuary, and it should feel calming. Color schemes and patterns are moving more toward the natural environment. You can always add splashes of color with artwork on the walls and vibrant living plants on the windowsills.

5. Integrated Appliances

After a weekend of active recreation or a long week of work and parenting, what could be better than soaking in a bath with Epsom salts to soothe sore muscles or to simply take the edge off with no interruptions? What if your bathroom vanity had a built-in fridge drawer for water or champagne bottles? Or, you might want a hot water dispenser to make a relaxing cup of chamomile tea. And a towel bar that is also a warmer will really hit the spot.

6. Radiant Heating

While radiant floor heating is not a new concept, did you know that you can also heat walls and ceilings? What is so great about radiant heating, other than the lack of visible radiators and supply grilles, is that it can be independent of your main heating source. You can place the radiant heat on a thermostat/timer so the bathroom is set to be warm underfoot when you wake up on a cold morning. Extending the radiant heat up the walls ensures that your morning shower can be toasty. Your plumbers can easily install an energy-efficient hydronic radiant heating system in floors and walls that works well with tile or stone surfaces.

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