Ever since the great toilet paper shortage of 2020, there has been an increased interest in bidets.

And why not?

Bidets have been increasing in popularity for years now for good reason. Let’s explore some of the reasons…

Easy to Use & Helpful-

One reason people will choose bidets is that they are easier to use than a toilet, especially when you need to clean yourself after a surgery or injury that reduces core flexibility.

A bidet is able to help you avoid the twists and turns that can be so difficult in those situations.

Less Toilet Paper–

The second reason is a rather obvious one, they use less toilet paper.

This is very handy for people who have failing septic tanks and failing plumbing drains in general. For them, reducing the number of solids that can potentially cause a stoppage is a very good thing.


While some people have absolutely no interest in a bidet, we find that a large number of people who try them find out they like them. So comfort is a big deal as well.

Come back on Friday for Part 2 of “The Benefits of Bidets” and see what else we have to share!
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