Maybe you’ve never had a bad experience working with a contractor, maybe you’ve only heard of bad experiences from others, and want to make sure it doesn’t happen to you. What should you do to go the safe route?

When choosing a Plumbing Contractor, or any contractor for that matter, always do your research first. Look them up and check their reviews online. See how many they have, how recent the reviews are, and if there are bad ones, what they say.

Usually, you can tell from a bad review if it is legitimate or just someone complaining. If you see a lot of great reviews and the ones complaining are saying the price is too high, then you know you are likely looking at a very good company, but they aren’t cheap.

If you see a company that seems decent, but the major complaint is that they are not on time, then they are probably a cheaper option, however, you’re sacrificing reliability for that. That might be a deal-breaker, and it is for most people, but maybe that doesn’t bother you.

If you see a lot of good reviews overall, but complaints about a specific technician, there might be a bad apple in an otherwise good company.

If there are several complaints and the topic varies, they might just be a subpar company overall. Best to stay away from them.

If there are a lot of good and somewhat recent reviews, and very few bad reviews, you can be reasonably sure it is a good company to work with.

Another thing to consider when researching (besides reviews) is to check into and make sure they have a license for the work they will be doing. It will show if they have the license or not. If they do not, do NOT use them. They would be doing work illegally and that is not the best way to find a good Plumbing Contractor to work with.

The third big thing to check is if they have insurance.
Never hire a company that does not have proper insurance. Ask them to make sure they do. If you suspect they are lying to you, ask them for proof. If they have it, they can give it to you.

There are two reasons to look for insurance.

  1. If they do not have liability insurance and something happens like a flood from the work they did, your insurance will have to cover it.
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  3. If they do not have insurance and the tech gets injured on the job, the tech can actually legally go after you since they got injured on your property. Because of the number of medical bills that can quickly add up, this is a huge reason to hire only professionals that are insured.

Finally, we all like to do work with people we like and trust. And that is a good thing. After answering all of the above questions, choose the company that you trust the most. Whether you call out one company or 3 for the original quote, make sure you trust the person selling the job.

While this advice is not going to guarantee that you will not have any problems, it will go a long way to weed out the problem companies.

Interested? Curious to know more? Let us know! You can continue to read more of our blogs by clicking the links below.

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