Next Level Plumbing Quarantining: Plumbing Ed.

What are some things you can do to check on your plumbing system while you’re stuck in your house?

Turn Your Main Water Shutoff Off and Back On Again.

Do this a couple of times to make sure the inside parts move as they should and it breaks away any buildup trying to freeze it in place. These should be used every 6 months to a year just to make sure they still work and maintain fluid movement by the integral parts. While the water is off, turn on a faucet or hose bib to make sure the water shuts off all the way to make sure it is working correctly. Note: if you have a pump on your water heater, it is best not to run water with it off as it could burn the pump out. But for most people, this test is a good idea.

Look at the Pipes Under the Cabinets.

If any of them are turning green it is most likely that bleach is in one of the cleaners under the sink. Bleach gets into the air even though a closed bottle and corrodes copper pipes. If you see this remove the items containing bleach and put them in a place where they aren’t next to pipes.

Give an Overall Visual Inspection.

Look under cabinets, check the floor under pipes for wet spots, look for stains going downpipes to indicate there is or was a leak. Run water for several minutes in the sinks and look for any drips underneath. This is what we will do to see if everything is in good working order. Sometimes you can catch leaks early by running more water or filling the bowl with water and letting it out. It is good to catch these leaks early before water damage occurs.

Stay safe everyone!

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