Next Level COVID-19 Safety: Part 2

How we can help whether you’re quarantined or not!
As we are all now checking daily for updates on the latest Covid-19 news we are all trying to figure out how our lives can continue during this time without exposing ourselves and others to this virus.

At Next Level Plumbing we have been and continue to watch the news so we can learn the latest and stay informed about how it spreads, who is in danger, and how we can eliminate all unnecessary exposure to the virus.
As we have stated last week we have stopped shaking hands, started making sure to wash our hands even more than regularly, are maintaining the advised 6 ft distance from others, are monitoring all our employee’s health care, etc.

This week as we continue to watch the news about Covid-19 unfold we are carefully working out the best ways to be able to help our customers in need, AND not expose either our customers or our employees.

With Covid-19 many people are stuck in their house now, and it would be a great time to meet service people to get things done, but you may not want a stranger coming into your house while you are trying to avoid contact with other people.
Is there anything you can still do?
Yes, there is! (This depends on what type of lockdown you are in.) There are outside parts of the plumbing system that can be repaired or replaced without any exposure to yourself.
What are these things?

  1. The main water shutoff to your house can be replaced if needed completely from the outside in most cases.
  2. For those that do not have a cleanout for their sewer system above ground, one can be installed to make it easier, better, and often cheaper to clear a stoppage down the road. It is code to have them above ground now, but it didn’t use to be so there are a lot of older houses with the cleanout buried that could easily be done from the outside without exposure to yourself.
  3. Garage work: If your water heater is in the garage it can be replaced or serviced without entering the house.
  4. Water filtration: There are inside and outside filtration units. If you are wanting a whole house filtration and conditioning system installed that is usually done in the garage or outside.
  5. Any work on the water line from the street to the house and the sewer line outside can be done without going inside.
  6. Hose bibs on the outside of the house are able to be replaced from the outside.
  7. Please Note!

    The list above is about the normal installations. Each individual house may differ, and we can assess that as needed.

    We are trying to keep the risk of exposure to a minimum while still providing essential services. If there are things that can be done without adding the risk of exposure to either our customers or our technicians that’s great!

    We hope you all stay safe during this time!

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