New to Florida Facts!

Are You New to Florida Living?

The plumbing situation might be a bit different for you here in Florida compared to where you used to live! Or it might be similar! Either way, we hope to help answer some of those curious questions for you in this blog series: “New to FL Facts!”

Here to share his plumbing knowledge and expertise with you is Byron Thomson, Next Level Plumbing’s owner and master plumber.

The topic of the Day: Plumbing Differences in FL

Many of our customers have moved down to the Sarasota/Bradenton area from somewhere north of here. Once they are here they find that not everything lasts the way it does back home.

Here in Florida, we have very aggressive water. This means it will deteriorate the plumbing system much faster than many other places in the US. I have had the conversation with many customers that expected their water heater to last 20 years as it does back home for them, and they are finding out they only last 10-12 years here. And the manufactures usually know it too. If you call Rheem for instance and tell them your water heater is in southwest Florida, they will know it won’t last as long as the same water heaters in other areas.

How close you live to the ocean matters as well. Salt air destroys plumbing at an astonishing rate in some cases. And there is really very little you can do to protect against that, it is just an expense of living near the saltwater.

Many parts in toilets wear out quite quickly as well. Flappers can need to be replaced as often as every 1-2 years in some of the more extreme cases. And the list goes on. In general, the plumbing system does not last as long here in Florida as in many other places.

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