Today is
National Make A Dog’s Day!

National Calendar- Oct. 22, 2019

Hello everyone, I’m BayMaxx, Next Level Plumbing’s biggest fan, mascot, office guard dog, and couch potato! If we haven’t met yet, I’ll tell you a bit about myself before the blog begins. I’m probably intimidating from afar, and I can have a scary bark, but I’m the nicest Golden American Staffy you’ll ever meet!
I love my humans a WHOLE lot and like to follow them around wherever they go because I’m happiest when I’m close to the people I love. I can’t help but wag my tail whenever my mom smiles at me and I’m very good at listening (especially when dad tells me to do something!)
My favorite thing to do is play with my toys, lay in the sun, and make people smile! So it makes sense that I’m the one sharing with you today!

Did you know today is National Make A Dog’s Day?!

Many people don’t know about fun, special holidays like this one, and that is what makes using a National Day Calendar so much fun! It gives us the opportunity to celebrate something every day!


This National Day was founded by Subaru as a part of “Subaru loves Pets” month in October and collaborates with the ASPCA in an effort to raise awareness for pet adoption! They hope to show the world how good it feels to make a dog’s day, and I think it’s a wonderful idea! They want everyone to use this special day to show thanks for the pets that love, protect, and support their humans while making the world a better place to live in.

But how can we celebrate this special day?

As a special pup myself I would recommend going outside and doing something fun with your pet! Return some of the love we’re constantly sharing with you by doing something we love with us! Whether that’s a car ride, a game of fetch in the park, a chance to splash in the ocean or a puddle, or a cuddle session on the couch- whatever makes your pup/pet happiest!

Have a happy rest of the week, I’ll see you next time!
Lots of love! -BayMaxx

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