Do you ever wish you knew more about the plumber who’s scheduled to come to your house?

Sometimes it can feel a little sketchy scheduling to have an unknown technician come fix something inside your home… It would be so nice to know more about the person than just the company title and the name of the technician coming out!

Perhaps you’ve seen our Next Level Plumbing logo around town, or you’ve spotted us while searching for a plumber among the many available plumbing companies to choose from in Sarasota.
What makes us special? Why should you choose Next Level Plumbing?
Please a moment to read about Next Level Plumbing’s newest hire, Evan Thomson, we hope this helps you feel more at ease with us!

We’ve comprised a list of questions that might cross your mind when you’re looking to hire a plumber, or really find out the quality and expertise of any technician in the industry today. To make answering the questions, and reading about them a bit more fun we’ve also added in a few fun and personal questions amongst the business-related ones. This allows you to get a better image of the person being interviewed. We snagged Evan between his calls during the day to sit down and answer these questions so you’re able to get to know him better!

An Interview with Evan Thomson

Question #1: How long have you been in the plumbing industry?

I’ve been plumbing for over 6 years now. The majority was spent here in Sarasota. I didn’t start out in plumbing as my first career like Byron, but saw an opportunity in plumbing and haven’t left!

Question #2: What do you like most about your job?

I enjoy meeting new people, and helping solve their problems! The work is always different day today and it’s helped me not to become stagnant and bored in my job. I’m a very active person, both in body and mind, and I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands, so this is a great job for me in that sense.

Question #3: What is your Meyers-Briggs personality type?

I’m an ENTJ. This personality type is fairly accurate to me. To learn more about the ENTJ personality, click here.

Question #4: What is one fun fact about you?

A fun fact about me? Well, I have a crippled pinky! Kind of a strange fun fact, and maybe one you didn’t really need to know, but it hasn’t slowed me down in the least! It doesn’t affect my plumbing work either!

Question #5: If you had all the money and time you wanted, what would you do with it?

I’d travel! Traveling the world has always been something I’ve felt drawn to. Specifically, since I was very young, I’ve wanted to go to Mongolia. It tends to surprise people when they hear that’s my first travel choice, but it always has been!

Question #6: What is your favorite pastime?

Reading has always been a favorite pastime of mine. One of my favorite books and a top recommendation to anyone would be “Crime and Punishment” by Fyodor Dostoevsky. I also really enjoy exercise, long runs are my go-to choice.

Question #7: Do you have a favorite time of day?

There’s a certain word for the time of day that I enjoy most… however it’s not coming to mind. It’s that time right around dawn and dusk where the colors change the most on the horizon.

We hope you enjoyed this short interview with Evan! If you want to learn more about our plumbers and/or Next Level Plumbing then please check out the blogs below!

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