*Reader Advisory* In order to fully experience the message within this post please read this as if Doug (the dog from Disney Pixar’s movie “UP”) is speaking directly to you!

(And if you haven’t seen the movie- go check it out!)

Hello reader!

My name is BayMaxx and I am Byron’s best friend! Actually, I am his wife’s— Mollie— favorite child, protector, cuddle buddy, and best friend. Byron adopted me when he married her! We are a package deal, and now Byron has me to protect and help him too! Mollie calls me her personal healthcare companion, and that is how I got my name! There is a large marshmallow-like character in a movie she likes called “Big Hero 6” who is named BayMaxx, and he is just like me!

Except that he is a white, round robot who can talk and fly… and I am a combination of muscle, goofiness, and pure angel! (That’s what Mollie says at least!) Maybe you’d like to see a picture of me now!

I am an important part of Next Level Plumbing. I watch over everything and do not let anyone in the house or near the work vehicles who are not allowed. I also protect Mollie from insects and Byron from lizards who may climb on his tools. My parents have made me the morale coach here at Next Level Plumbing because I am always happy and ready to take on the day!

More About The Incomparable BayMaxx

Would you like to know more about me???

I am an American Staffordshire Bull Terrier with golden eyes and a T-Rex tail! (Seriously, my parents say it could chop down a tree with how hard I wag it!) I was born on December 24th, 2015, and am so happy to be alive and loved! My favorite things to eat are ice cubes and chicken! I love car rides, going on lizard hunts (though I can’t ever seem to catch them) in the side yard, and playing hide and seek with my parents!

I think Next Level Plumbing is the best business ever because Byron is my favorite man human and he is very, very good to me. He rewards me with an ice cube when I have obeyed him and always saves a piece of chicken for me if I don’t beg during their dinner. He does not like when I have played in the dirt and am smelly- but that is because he is a very clean and organized human! Mollie loves me even after I have played in the dirt, but she often gives me baths so I smell better.

Life is very good for me, so I am happy to share my joy and love with you, even though this blog! Byron and Mollie say I can write to you all anytime I want, so I will come to the computer to visit with you as much as I can! There are many stories I have to share with you that will make you smile and laugh! There are pictures too! If that doesn’t brighten your day, I’m not sure what will!

Have a very very good and happy day, humans! Do not forget to call or text my humans if you ever need them- they work very hard to make you all happy through Next Level Plumbing!

I will talk to you all again soon!

Goodbye for now!

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