Garbage disposals are helpful in the kitchen as they help dispose of food waste clean and efficiently, making it easier to keep your daily chores organized. However, like any other appliance, garbage disposals need regular maintenance to ensure they continue to function effectively. Keep reading to learn how to maintain your waste disposal properly and extend its lifespan.

1. Run Cold Water

When using your garbage disposal, the first thing to do is let cold water run afterward every time. Cold water also solidifies grease or oil, which has entered the disposal to make grinding and flushing easier. These materials might melt when they come into contact with running hot water, thus causing blockages and unpleasant odors. Cold water also helps flush out any remaining bits of food that may have been left behind after grinding.

2. Flush With Lemon or Vinegar

Infrequently, using lemon or vinegar in the garbage disposal can help eliminate any nasty odors. The natural ingredients come with antibacterial properties, which help kill the bacteria and prevent accumulation on disposal. Just cut a lemon into small pieces, turn on cold water, and dispose of it. Instead, you can pour half a cup of white vinegar down the drain as your disposal operates. Turn on the cold water right after starting your machine to flush away any debris remaining.

3. Avoid Certain Foods

Although garbage disposals are made to reduce most food waste, some nuts should not be put in the sink. Hard or fibrous materials include bones, eggshells, fruit pits, and coffee grounds. All these things destroy the cutting edges of the disposal and lead to clogging. Do not add grease or oil to the drain since they can harden and cause blockage. It is also important to avoid grinding large quantities of potato peels as they can create a starchy paste that can clog the disposal.

4. Use a Disposal Cleaner

Running a cleaner from your local grocery store through the disposal once per month will help maintain its excellent performance. These drain cleaners are specially formulated to dissolve any incoming food particles, grease, and oil deposited in the disposal unit. They also deodorize and help eliminate any stench. Simple directions on how to use the cleaner, followed by a cold water run for a few minutes, will help ensure that it is thoroughly washed out.

5. Grind Ice Cubes

The blades can be sharpened while removing the residues if you grind ice cubes in your garbage disposal. Just pour a couple of ice cubes down the drain, plug in the disposal, and run cold water. The ice cubes will remove particles and, at the same time, make the blades sharp. You can add a few pieces of citrus fruit while grinding the ice cubes to give your garbage disposal a fresh scent.

6. Use Professional Plumbing Services

If you observe any abnormalities in the garbage disposal, like weird noise, persistent smell, or even constant blockages, it is time to contact a plumbing company. They can look at your garbage disposal and see if anything needs attention underneath it. It always pays to address a problem early rather than wait until it has grown more prominent, which is expensive. At Next Level Plumbing, we offer plumbing services in Sarasota, FL.

7. Regularly Clean the Rubber Flaps

The dirt from the flaps or splash guard at the top of your garbage disposal can also harbor food scraps and cause foul odors. These flaps should be regularly washed with warm water and dish soap. On the other hand, use an old toothbrush to remove the accumulation. Ensure that the flaps are dry before putting them back.

8. Check for Leaks

It is crucial to check for leaks around your garbage disposal occasionally. Tightening connections between disposal and drainpipe over time can lead to leakages. Check for leaks, re-tighten the connections, or talk to a professional plumber. Neglecting leaks can damage both your damage to water and damage caused by damaged cabinets or floors.

9. Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners

While chemical drain cleaners may appear attractive in removing clogs, they can be hazardous to the garbage disposal. The powerful chemicals can damage the blades and other disposal parts, causing them to stop functioning. Use a plunger or drain snake to remove clogs. However, calling professional plumbing services would be appropriate if those methods fail to work.

If you have questions or concerns regarding garbage disposal, please don’t hesitate to contact Next Level Plumbing. We offer repair, replacement, and installation services for gas and water pipelines, as well as drain cleaning, water heater, toilet, and garbage disposal repair and installations. We aim to provide reliable and high-quality plumbing services for all your needs. To schedule a garbage disposal appointment, please contact Next Level Plumbing today.

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