Updating your Sarasota, FL, bathroom can offer you greater comfort and convenience while boosting the value of your home. A new shower may be part of the upgrade process. You may consider tackling the job yourself, thinking you’ll save some cash. However, there are many details involved in replacing a shower. DIY plumbing jobs can lead to disaster if you aren’t skilled and trained in the trade. Read on as we share with you the importance of hiring a professional plumber to install your new shower.

Save Time

Professional plumbers have experience installing showers and other plumbing fixtures. This experience allows them to move quickly through the installation process and get your shower installed and ready to use in hours rather than days. You’ll be left with minimal downtime and disruption and a quick turnaround time to begin using your new shower.

Tools and Equipment

Unless you have a full collection of plumbing tools and gadgets, you may have to take a few trips to the hardware store to get everything you need for your new shower installation. Plumbers carry various tools and equipment designed to make shower installation easier. Your trips to the store and the costs associated with new tools and parts may dramatically decrease the savings you think you’ll get by installing the new shower yourself.

Avoid Costly Errors and Damage

Even if you are confident that you know what you are doing when installing a new shower, you may run into trouble. It’s easy to watch a few videos and do a little research before starting a DIY job. However, they don’t always show you everything that could happen. Accidents happen, especially for untrained DIYers. You’ll be dealing with complex plumbing and pipes during the shower installation. Damage to the plumbing system can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to repair if you damage it. You are unlikely to be able to repair the damage yourself, so you’ll still be left calling on a professional for help.

Installation errors can create a huge mess days or months later. You may not install things properly or connect pipes and water lines correctly. These mistakes could lead to damage after the installation is complete. Incorrect plumbing could cause leaks and water damage to your walls, floors, and other areas. In fact, you may not even realize that you’ve installed something incorrectly and could have water leaking behind the wall or under the floor for quite some time. A professional plumber knows how to connect pipes and plumbing fixtures to prevent leaks and avoid water damage.


If you hire a licensed and insured professional plumber to replace your shower, you’ll have an extra bit of peace of mind if something goes wrong. The insurance the plumber carries will cover losses due to damages during the installation process if the plumber makes a mistake. If you replace the shower yourself and make a mistake, you’re left paying the repair bill on your own.

Maintain Warranties

Some fixtures come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers your product if it fails during typical use. Installing a new shower yourself can void this warranty. The warranty may require specific installation steps to be followed or may require installation by a professional.


Plumbing jobs aren’t always straightforward. You may run into unexpected problems when installing your new shower. If this happens, you may be at a standstill and unable to complete the job if you don’t know how to handle the problem. A call to a professional plumber may be required to troubleshoot the issue and get back to your shower installation. This could lead to a delay in getting your shower up and running.

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