O.K. this might not seem like it’s a “thing”, but apparently it is! Some funny felines like to drown, or what seems like drown, their toys in the toilet.

And, yes, you read that correctly! Sure, there could be worse problems to have, but we suppose when you are in the middle of this drowning dilemma with your beloved cat, it is a pretty frustrating situation!

So, it begs the question—why? Why in the world would your cat do this?

Why Your Cat Drowns His Toys

Alright, while there is no hard scientific evidence to back this up, feline behaviorists suggest that this “drowning” of toys is actually your kitty’s way of hiding or securing their prey in a safe place they consider their own. Or, some behaviorists believe they could actually be trying to drown their prey!

We can thank good ole’ instincts for this need to “secure their prey” or “drown their prey”. These instincts are inherited from their wild ancestors who survive in the jungle by honing these skills of stalking, capturing, killing (drowning?!), and then hiding prey in their “lair” to protect the goodies from wandering thieves!

Now our little domesticated cats don’t have a “lair’, so everyday water and food locations may be the next best and safest location for their catch of the day…which could very well be your toilet bowl!

Now some cats make up their mind that hiding their prey in your toilet bowl is not enough. Some kitties take things a step further by “fishing” for their prey (dropping the toy in your toilet bowl and fishing it back out!), and then hiding it elsewhere or presenting it to their humans, YOU, as a gift! Mmm—there is nothing quite like finding a soggy cat toy on your couch or pillow, right?

So, what happens when your cat’s favorite toy really drowns in your toilet and ends up clogging up your plumbing system?

When Kitty Clogs Your Toilet

Well, it’s time to give your plumber a call! Don’t try to “fish” it out yourself—leave the job to the experts!

If your cat clogs your toilet or anything else clogs it up for that matter, contact us immediately! Here at Next Level Plumbing, we pride ourselves on reaching back out to you promptly…we aim to be in touch within 1-3 hours! You are important to us!

And we will be thrilled to help solve your plumbing problem, but you are on your own when it comes to your cat and his instincts.

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