Hello friends!

It is BayMaxx here again! Detective BayMaxx- expert water leak finder-outer!

Today it is my job to tell you all about how to detect water leaks in your home, and who better to inform you about water than a dog?

Let’s face it. Dogs and water… we just go together! Because most dogs LOVE water! I know I do! I love playing in the water, drinking water, eating ice cubes, and watching nature shows about the biggest bodies of water on Earth!
Water is very important to everyone- but it only belongs in certain places according to Byron! I have watched him a lot and he is very good at keeping water where it belongs, or fixing the house so that the water only goes to the places it is supposed to go.
That is why I am very qualified to tell you all that I know about water leak detection!

Sometimes you have to search for a water leak…. but other times it is very obvious that there is water where it should not be.

Maybe you can hear it dripping, or see it leaving a puddle! This is usually when even the least detective-like humans register a problem…

There are a few very good ways to detect water leaks in your home… & when you have detected them then you can fix it or Call Byron to help you!

In my life, it is very easy to find water! I run straight to it no matter where I am! But not every human has a dog detective like me to help them! So I will help you through this blog with some handy tips for water leak detection!

  1. Tip 1: You have a high water bill…

    You are likely to know at the end of a billing cycle if something is leaking a lot. Or if you are on a well and have a hidden leak, you can often hear your pump kick on when no water is being used.

  2. Tip 2: Your floor has a hot spot…

    If you have a concrete slab floor and you have a hot water line leak under the floor you can feel a hot spot in the floor. If you are walking across the floor and your feet detect a hot spot, unless that is where your dog was just lying, you probably have a hot water leak under the floor.

  3. Tip 3: If your toilet turns on by itself….

    If your toilet is making its own decisions, you have a leak. A toilet should stay off until you flush it. If it is making noise all on its own without you having flushed it, that means there are parts in your toilet that need to be replaced or adjusted.

Hope these tips help you out!!! Don’t let things get out of hand! And remember- your pet may not be a detective like me! So don’t get dragged into something by accident, with plumbing, pets, or anything else!

Until next time!

Detective BayMaxx

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