Tomorrow is National Relaxation Day!

(Nat’l Relaxation Day- Aug. 15, 2019)
Here Are 3 Ways to Handle a Plumbing Emergency Quickly & Efficiently So You Can Sit Back & Relax!

First: Turn Everything Off!

Make sure you know where all the shut-off valves in your home are and turn off the water immediately as soon as a problem arises! This will save you money, and help the plumber (and you) to have less of a mess to deal with later on!

Second: Deal with it Right Away!

A plumbing emergency is a stressful situation, anyone can agree to that, however when contacting your plumber please take into consideration that your regular plumber may have jobs scheduled and be unable to get out to you at the time that you need him to. Having a second backup plumber ready to call will lessen your stress during an emergency situation.

Third: Make an “Emergency Fund”

If you can, put aside money into an “emergency fund” for situations like a plumbing catastrophe or immediate home repairs that you can’t plan for. Even if you’re only putting a small amount aside each month, that money might help you to feel less stressed when an emergency does happen!

Don’t let the frustrations of life affect your day of relaxation! Even if you can’t relax the whole day, try to set aside some time to chill out and decompress.

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