Nobody likes it when their toilet makes noises they don’t normally make. And they can make some pretty surprising noises. If you hear your toilet making noises it usually doesn’t make, it means something is not right.

What Different Noises Can Mean


Or as I like to call it, singing. When your toilet makes a singing or whistling noise it is a sign that the fill valve is at fault. There might be bits of debris clogging the flow partially or the rubber breaking down. Either way, replacing the fill valve will solve the problem.


This one is actually in the drain line and not the toilet. If the toilet bubbles it is a sign that the line is partially, or completely, clogged. This is a sign that you should call a plumber or run a snake in the mainline to clear the blockage. The reason it bubbles is that the stoppage blocks the airflow causing the air to be forced out of the toilet bowl instead of off the vents.

Turning on by Itself

It is close to Halloween, but just because your toilet starts by itself does not mean that you have ghosts using the toilet. It simply means that the toilet is losing water and when it loses enough water the toilet will turn on to replenish the water that was lost. The prime suspect, in this case, is the flapper. By simply replacing the flapper it will solve most of the spooky issues!


If a toilet leaks when you flush it, and only when you flush it, this probably means the wax seal needs to be replaced. These can go bad over time, or may not have been installed correctly in the first place. By pulling the toilet and replacing the wax seal you can take care of this problem.

Note: Before pulling the toilet make sure to check the tank-to-bowl connection as well as the water supply to the tank. Sometimes these will leak and make it look like the toilet seal is leaking at the base when in fact, it is coming from above and accumulating at the toilet base.

One free tip:

Old toilets with old parts are often “silent killers” when it comes to water bills. The old parts can let the water fill the tank and you would never hear it. If you have a high water bill check your toilet first before checking for other leaks.

That’s all for now folks! Hope you have a fantastic day!

Your Next Level Plumbing Fix It Felix- Byron

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