If last week’s Fall centered blog wasn’t enough to get you in the mood for this upcoming season, get ready! It is officially Fall according to the calendar, and although Florida weather is still in denial, I am willing the Autumn chill & crisp air our way!

Today on the blog I want to share why there is so much excitement buzzing and brewing around our house, and also invite you to check out a few Pinteresting Plumber Faves!

While I am 100% content to cuddle up on the couch with a cozy blanket, BayMaxx at my feet, a Fall candle burning, and the AC turned down to 68 as I scroll through Pinterest pinning all things Autumnal…. Byron is more specific with his Pinterest endeavors! Yes, that’s right, my macho, hardworking, hubby does in fact Pinterest occasionally! It’s a great place to pull inspiration & ideas from! Want to remodel part of the house? Turn the side yard into something nice? Pin oodles of funny gifs? Maybe find the perfect Halloween costume for BayMaxx??? Pinterest is the place to look! On that note, I plan to share with you some of our favorite plumbing pins!

What’s On Our Fall Calendar?

We have created quite the hectic Fall calendar for ourselves! Between family functions, planning parties, enjoying fall activities around town, and keeping up with the business and our daily rituals, we’ve got a full Fall plate! And I Love it! We’ve already had long in-depth discussions about the correct number of pumpkins to get for decorating and carving, as well as when to start putting up Halloween decorations and what costumes we want to wear!

Party Prep

We’re not just planning a party… we’re planning two awesome shindigs! One for Halloween and one for Fall/Thanksgiving! Byron has this mindset of “all or nothing” when it comes to most things in life, and parties are no exception! Luckily I’m the same way! So I’ve got pages of ideas and a huge Pinterest board for each party! We start party prepping weeks ahead of time, setting up what we can as early as possible so we aren’t rushing to do everything last minute. It’s a great system to use and helps keep us excited for what’s ahead! So in between writing blogs, meal prepping for the week, and NLP work, I’m decorating! What a fun, exciting, busy life I’ve been blessed with!

Our Fave Plumbing Pins

I did promise you some of our favorite plumbing pins, and before I share the link to “The Pinteresting Plumber” board, I want to summarize what you’ll be seeing! On this board, you will find new, custom, innovative ideas for plumbing throughout the house. Some pins are chosen by me, and some by Byron, we add whatever we think is fun and relevant to the board! If you’re looking for pins to fix specific plumbing problems, this board won’t help you with that, but if you like browsing through cool and unique plumbing fixtures or plumbing remodels then this is a great board to check out!

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