Its Summer

In Florida, summer is guaranteed to bring with it scorching hot afternoons, humidity, afternoon storms, and plenty of sunburnt tourists!

Want to skip the crowds at all the popular local spots (like Siesta Beach)? Save gas and spending money and have your own summer fun without leaving your house!


Your favorite Next Level Plumbing team got together and thought up those 4 Fun Activities that can make summer cooler, and more convenient, for you! Check it out!

  1. Put those outdoor spigots and water hoses to good use with slip n’ slides, water balloon battles, and (if you don’t have a pool already) fill up a mini pool for you, the pets, or the kids to enjoy!
  2. Have a sprinkler system you use? No? Well, a sprinkler can be fun for all ages too! If you take the time to swing by your local hardware store (or go on Amazon while relaxing in the AC somewhere) you can pick up a few cheap attachments to make your sprinkler a little more fun for the family, or just for your pet! Whatever you like- as long as it’s an opportunity to enjoy the summer days to the fullest!
  3. Not up for going outside today? Or maybe one of those regular summer storms is currently sitting over your part of town? Take the chance to relax and soak in a bubble bath, or use a bath bomb for a fun, colorful, and aromatic time all to yourself. This is a kid-friendly option too- since there are all sorts of bath bombs with every scent you could imagine, there are endless options for you to enjoy!
  4. One more outdoor option! Set up a mister on an outdoor fan so that if you’re relaxing on your porch or in the shade of your yard you can cool off with both a breeze and a cooling mist! Be ready to share though, in our experience, everybody wants to be in the radius of a misting fan on a hot summer day!
  5. We hope these simple, fun summer day suggestions get you out of the scalding summer doldrums! Want to check out more of our Next Level Plumbing blogs? Look below and keep on reading!

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