Hello, Again Friends!

It’s summertime! Florida has great weather all year long, but I especially love to play in the sun and rest in shade during the summer! What dog doesn’t!? If we haven’t met yet let me introduce myself!
My name’s BayMaxx!

I’m a four-year-old American Staffy whose main job is to guard Next Level Plumbing’s office and manager, be the business mascot, and remind my humans how much I love them! I like to play with my neighbor’s pup and her little humans and LOVE to eat ice cubes (especially in summer!) I know a lot of tricks but am not very good at playing fetch, I love to sunbathe, and always want to join in when I see my human dancing around the house- who wouldn’t want to join in such a fun activity!?

Summer in Florida means lots of outdoor activities and extra appreciation for AC, popsicles, good summer treats, and a long drink of cold water! But there are some things to consider when bringing your pet out in this summer heat! Please keep reading toes what I mean!

Before I start, don’t forget to travel prepared for any adventure when you’re bringing your pup along!

I’m not fancy and don’t need too much to be happy, but I really appreciate having a water bowl to take a drink when I need it, a towel for when I inevitably get wet or dirty, a toy to chew on when I’m taking a break from playing, and some treats to remind me of when I’m being extra good!

Of course, having a backup collar, leash, and doggy bags is always a must too!

Now let’s talk about 3 important things to consider for your pet’s summer safety!

  1. Pavement & Paws:

    This is so rarely thought of but so Very important! If the pavement is too hot for you to walk barefoot on, or for you to leave your hand on for more than a few seconds, it’s too hot for our pups too! Consider walking us in the grass, getting dog shoes for us (they totally exist!), or walking us earlier in the morning or later in the evening so we don’t burn our paws while out on our midday stroll with you!

  2. Safety First:

    Don’t leave us in the car unless supervised or the car is running, treat our pups like we’re toddlers you’re caring for! If you think of us with that level of concern, we won’t suffer at all!

  3. Up to Date & Can Prove It:

    Make sure your pup is up to date with all the shots & vaccinations that they need! It’s best to look from a stranger’s standpoint here, if someone’s else dog got into a quarrel with yours, or nipped at your child, you would want that dog to be vaccinated and up to date on its shots right!? Always keeping a collar (with ID & a phone number to contact) on your pup is important too! This helps ensure your pet will be able to get back to you if they go missing or run away.

Hope you enjoy and make good use of these sunny summer suggestions for you and your furry friend! If you’d like to read more of my blogs then check out a few that I’ve shared below! Thanks for reading along and I’ll see you next time!
Love, BayMaxx!

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