Whole-house tankless gas water heaters are gaining popularity with homeowners in the Sarasota, Florida, area. Every type of water heater has its own specific benefits. Tankless water heaters are proving desirable due to their small physical size, long lifespan and energy efficiency. Of course, if you’re going to invest in an energy-efficient home appliance, then you need a way to judge how efficient one water heater is compared to another. This is where the UEF (Uniform Energy Factor) rating system proves helpful.

Understanding UEF Ratings

The higher the UEF rating number is, the more energy efficient the water heater is. This means that, when a water heater has a higher UEF rating, it will cost homeowners less money to use it. This is significant because water heaters are usually the second biggest energy cost in a home.

The UEF rating will be in a decimal format. The range for most water heaters is typically from 0.55 to 0.96 UEF. There is one major exception to this rule: heat pump water heaters. These are also often referred to as hybrid water heaters. This specific type of water heater may show a rating of anywhere from 2.75 to 4.0 UEF.

The UEF ratings are calculated by considering the amount of energy a water heater uses versus how much energy powers the water heater itself. It may help to picture your home pouring power into the water heater. Some of that power keeps the system itself running and some works to efficiently heat the water you use. A water heater with a tank is going to need to keep your water warm for when you want to use it. It will also have a recovery period, during which time there may be a spike in energy use. Your tank water heater will use some energy even when you’re not home. Meanwhile, a tankless water heater is more energy efficient because most of its energy is used solely during the times when you’re using the hot water.

Tankless Water Heater UEF Ratings

The most advanced and efficient tankless water heaters will be in the range of 0.85 UEF to 0.96 UEF. Water heaters in this high-end UEF range will have a condensing design, which means that they will recycle heat vapor to improve efficiency.

A tankless water heater’s lower efficiency rating would be close to 0.80 UEF. The models in this range will be non-condensing options, meaning that they vent the heat vapor that condensing units recycle.

One way to really highlight how efficient the tankless units are is to compare them to traditional gas-fired tanked water heaters. A traditional tanked water heater will typically be in the 0.54 UEF to 0.72 UEF range. The sidewall venting water heaters will be at the higher end of that range. The traditional, older water heaters that we often see in homes tend to be toward the lower end of this range.

A tanked water heater with a rating of 0.54 UEF is considerably less efficient than a tankless option with 0.80 or higher. This reflects in a homeowner’s utility bills in a noticeable way. However, the UEF rating isn’t the only factor you’ll want to consider when choosing a new water heater. Homeowners will also want to consider the recovery rate, installation location, the size of the whole-house water heater, the fuel type and initial cost. Fortunately, our team of professional plumbers here at Next Level Plumbing can help answer any questions you have as you work to figure out which unit is best for your home’s long-term needs.

Lean on a Trustworthy Professional

At Next Level Plumbing, we service and install hybrid, tanked and tankless water heaters for homeowners in Sarasota, Florida and the surrounding area. We have years of experience helping homeowners sort through their numerous options when they need a water heater replacement. Our skilled technicians would be happy to help you find the best unit for your home’s needs.

Additionally, our team of plumbers helps with drain cleaning, faucet issues, toilets and water and sewer lines. If you have concerns about your home’s water quality, we can help you find the right water filtration solution. We can even help you with your bathroom or kitchen remodel.

If you’re in need of trustworthy plumbing services, we’re here to help. Contact Next Level Plumbing now to learn more.

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