Plumbing is a critical part of any house. When it’s not working properly, it interferes with enjoying your everyday life. That system of pipes and drains that keeps clean water flowing through and waste moving out is complex.

And as with all things complex, there are certain myths and misconceptions about plumbing that we would like to discuss and debunk in this post. This can also help you prevent problems, or spot them before they become bigger and more expensive to fix

  1. All foods go in the garbage disposal

    There is a popular misconception that anything and everything can go down your garbage disposal. Actually, no. For example, you should not put things like coffee grinds, chicken bones, eggshells, pasta and soft foods, grease, or oil down the disposal – all of them can clog it up and destroy it over time, leading to costly repairs and headaches on your part.

  2. Citrus fruits are great cleaning agents

    Any kind of citrus fruit has a level of acidity that will damage your plumbing system. It might smell good, but it is not a good idea. Use garbage disposal cleaners and fresheners that you can buy at a Walmart, Lowes, or Home Depot.

  3. Occasional low water pressure is normal

    Any well-functioning plumbing system should operate without a hitch. If there is any loss of water pressure, that’s a sign that there could be a leak in your system.
    You don’t need to check your plumbing unless there are issues
    Like everything else out there, your house’s plumbing system requires regular maintenance and routine checkup.

  4. Chemical drain cleaners work miracles

    You should leave any kind of chemical drain cleaning system up to the professionals. We know that there are a lot of “solutions” out there, but it’s better to hire professional plumbers who know what they are doing.

  5. In-tank toilet cleaners are all you need

    This is not the case – you also need to clean your toilet with other methods from time to time such as with cleaners and a brush.

  6. It is difficult to prevent clogs

    Apart from being a silly idea, preventing clogs is as easy as taking preventative measures and eliminating habits that lead to them. There’s really nothing more to it.

  7. Plumbing is a do-it-yourself skill

    Well, not really because professional plumbers have to certify, with that comes education and knowledge on the job about what works best. Because on the other hand, you could end up spending a fortune to fix an issue when hiring a master plumber would have been the better choice in the first place, instead of trying to do it yourself.

  8. All plumbers are the same

    No, no, no! Sure, some plumbers are better and more experienced than others and you should find out who is the best in your area and settle for nothing less. The good news is that Next Level Plumbing is considered among the best in our local area. We know this because our customers keep talking about high-quality services online when they leave their testimonials.

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