A drains is a critical part of your plumbing system that can create a disaster if one happens to become clogged. Hence, necessitating the need to call a professional and licensed plumber.

Sometimes, you can just solve the problem at home by using some of the do-it-yourself techniques mentioned below:

So here are 6 possible ways for you to unclog your drain(s) without too much hassle.

  • Baking Soda and Vinegar
    This is a simple solution that can solve a lot of simple clogs. First, run hot water down the drain you want to unclog for about a minute. Then take a tablespoon of baking soda and pour that down the drain, then add some vinegar. Wait until the reaction has stopped then wash the drain down with water.
  • A Bent Wire Coat Hanger
    If you know something larger has collected in your drain that is not shifting using baking soda and vinegar then you can use a wire coat hanger to poke it clear. Simply take a cheap wire coat hanger and bend it so it forms into something like a fishing rod. From there you can fish out whatever is clogging your drains.
  • Boiled Water
    Simply boil as much water as your kettle will hold and pour the contents periodically over the drain in question. Make sure you wait a few seconds between each pour as this will make sure the boiling water can take effect properly. Boiling water does a great job of dissolving dirt and grime which build up in drains.
  • Detergent
    This is another method using simple, at-home products. Grab your detergent of choice and mix it with as much boiling water as your kettle can boil. This will create a very hot foaming mixture that is ideal for washing away greasy deposits that have accumulated on the sides of your pipes. Pour the mixture down the drain, waiting a few seconds in between each pour.
  • Salt and Baking Soda
    This is another baking soda-themed fix and is one that is very effective. Mix a tablespoon of both salt and baking soda together and pour the mixture down the drain. Leave the drain for around 15 minutes before gently pouring boiled water down the drain. This will start a chemical reaction that will rid your drains of much of the grease and grime that cause your blockages.
  • A Classic Plunger
    Almost every family has one and every family should use one. Simply place the plunger over the drain in question and pump away. These are simple ways you can easily unclog your drains. In most cases, these will do the job. But if they don’t work, then you might need to call a plumber before it becomes a bigger issue.
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