Plumbing emergencies

Big or small, plumbing problems can really set you back money wise and, especially when its unexpected.

Part of prevention is maintenance, because maintenance is one thing that can prevent a small issue from becoming a big financial disaster. Another huge part of avoiding these massive costs is knowing what can happen and how it comes about.

So here are five common residential plumbing emergencies and how they happen. This should not only help you head them off but also keep you on your toes about the conditions that lead to them forming.

  1. Burst Pipes
    Probably the biggest issue with a burst pipe is shutting off the water in time to avoid serious water damage to other parts of your house. Burst pipes can happen for a number of reasons – too many to list here – but the important thing is to act quickly and have the number of a local, trusted plumber saved in case you may need a professional plumber to come to your rescue in an emergency.
  2. Frozen Pipes
    Frozen pipes can lead to burst pipes but the main difference is that you can better predict when this is going to occur. This is mostly common in colder climates (very rare in Florida) where temperatures can drop significantly. When that happens you need to keep the water flowing through your pipes to prevent them from freezing which can lead to burst pipes.
  3. Leaky Plumbing
    This happens often especially in houses with old, worn out piping. Leaks can also occur because of clogs which causes blockage in the pipes. You can unclog it yourself or have a pro come and take care of the problem for you. There are causes of leaky pipes, but they do happen to everyone. So have the contact info of a good local plumber saved in an easy to get place.
  4. Clogged Drains
    Along with leaky plumbing, seriously clogged drains can be a nightmare. Why? Imagine a clogged toilet that is overflowing. Nasty, right? Aside from creating a potentially health issue, you also have the potential of a big financial hit. That’s why at Next Level Plumbing, we try to arrive at our stoppage calls as soon as we can.
  5. Gas Leaks
    The telltale sign of a gas leak is the smell of gas. If you notice/detect the smell of gas, that’s an indication that there might be a problem. You should snuff out any open flames, like scent candles that in the same room or vicinity. Then open the windows to let the gas out and bring in fresh air. Then call the gas company if its a major emergency and is not something you can handle yourself. Call the gas company and let them know what the situation is and they’ll take it from there.

    These are 5 of the most common residential plumbing emergencies. Get on top of them, and you could save yourself a lot of money and stress. Contact us today for free quote!
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