Plumbing Service Announcement:
Look Under Your Sinks!

When’s the last time you checked the plumbing under your sinks? Some people have beautifully organized spaces under their sinks, and some people don’t even look under there anymore because it has accumulated so much stuff that it’s a giant mess! But what if your sink starts leaking?

What if there’s a plumbing emergency!?

Thankfully, Byron (Next Level Plumbing’s owner and master plumber) has some advice on this topic for you!

It’s simple, try your best to remember to check the plumbing under your sinks!
This is good monthly advice. Most of us usually forget about the cabinet under the sink, yet it is the first to get damaged if there is a leak. Many cabinets have had to be replaced because a small leak was not found early on.

If you check the floor in the cabinet monthly you can catch most problems that cause serious damage to the cabinet before they become major issues.

Many leaks under the sink start so small that there isn’t any noticeable standing water on the floor of the cabinet. Rather it is a stain like a drip had dripped, and bits of corrosion scattered around it. This is because the leak is so small it essentially drips corrosion. These can turn into real leaks over time, but if caught early on, they do nothing more than stain the bottom of the cabinet.

Another good tip when it comes to cabinets: Make sure to store your chlorine separately from the pipes in the cabinet!

Even with the lids closed on cleaners with bleach in them, it still gets into the air and destroys the metal plumbing under the cabinet. It is best to find another cabinet with no plumbing in it to store those cleaners.

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