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Byron Thomson

When I started Next Level Plumbing, I saw that technology was drastically changing the world we live in, and will continue to do so. I also saw that many plumbing companies were having trouble adapting to the new technologically integrated environment. I wanted to take plumbing services to a whole new level, creating a plumbing company that is equipped to take advantage of the change to offer the best possible service.

That was the birth of Next Level Plumbing.

When I was growing up, our house seemed like it was always needing a plumber. Whenever the plumber would come out, I would stand near him and watch him work. I wouldn’t say a word because I was a shy boy, yet I was fascinated by what he was doing. I have always loved to work with my hands and so when I found someone who made a living doing that, I was hooked.

Being a plumber started to look pretty cool to my young eyes. Over the years as I grew up, I observed him working at the house and decided I wanted to try plumbing myself. In 2001, when I was 16 years old, I started working part time for that very plumber.

I graduated from high school a year early and enrolled in a plumbing apprenticeship program where I went to night school and worked for the plumber during the day. After completing the four-year apprenticeship program, I went on to take the test to become licensed in the state of Florida and received my Master Plumbing license.

I now have 18 years of experience in the plumbing field. I have had the honor to work for very good and knowledgeable plumbers who have helped me mature into a professional and experienced technician.

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