There are PLENTY of options when you go to the store, and many of us simply with go with the brand we’ve always used or have been told is best, but some of us hold on to that lingering question in the back of our minds… which toilet paper is best?

It’s easy to decide when based solely on the type of material one prefers, what a cute pet likes to play with, or perhaps the best value for your money, but what about the best toilet paper for your septic tank?

Ask someone who deals with cleaning pipes, septic tanks, and other plumbing and they will probably all tell you something similar to this…

“The best toilet paper for your septic tank is the easiest stuff to break down quickly and most completely. If it’s soft and well-padded toilet paper, it probably isn’t the best for your septic tank.”

If you’d rather see proof and test out the options, it’s as simple as grabbing 2 household items and the variety of toilet papers you’re trying to decide between! TRIAL TEST!

Grab a cup of water (clear so you can see the results if possible), and a kitchen utensil (fork, knife, spoon…something to stir the water with). Insert one square of toilet paper into the cup of water completely so it’s immersed and begin to stir it around. If it takes a long time to break down into small pieces then it’s not he best option for your septic tank. If the toilet paper quickly falls apart then that’s a good option to use!

Let’s just think of that in terms of toilet paper…. if we can… lol! It’s not really that extreme of a decision, but once you’ve found a good brand stick with it! Your septic tank and your wallet will thank you in due time!

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