Myths are just begging to be exposed.

That’s why the TV show Mythbusters did so well right?

People want to know if what they’ve always heard is true. And it’s an immense weight off our shoulders to learn the truth about some myths! For example, being told by my friends in elementary school that the dark part of the inside of a banana is where a spider crawled in and died as the banana continued to grow? Yeah, I had mean classmates….and didn’t eat bananas for a while. Then my parents finally found out and de-bunked that myth. It’s not a spider, there’s no connection to bananas and spiders, at least in that sense, and bananas are safe to eat.

Now that you’ve heard a traumatizing story of my youth, let’s move on to the important stuff!

Myths. Plumbing Myths. Who knew there were so many of them!?!

Well, Byron and I have chosen 3 of those many myths to de-bunk. We’ll let you know the truth behind those myths, and possibly help you to be a bit more knowledgeable about the plumbing in your household!

Myth #1: Flushable wipes are safe to flush. 

The packaging LIES! As much as the manufacturers say that those wipes are flushable, the fact remains- the wipes are made of the wrong material, they don’t break down like toilet paper does and can build up over time in your sewer system causing serious problems for you down the road. The truth is simple, flushable wipes are not good to flush, and often cause sewage drain clogs, not a fun or cheap issue to deal with. So, to play it safe, it’s best to trash those “flushable” wipes rather then doing as the packaging suggests.

Myth #2: Plumbing fixtures can be left alone for months, even years without maintenance!

Not exactly true. Plumbing fixtures need maintanence, just like most things in life! Your car needs maintanence, your hair needs it, if you want to keep your body well and in shape- then your body needs maintanence! Without regular care things tend to fall apart, lose their value, and lose their ability to work correctly. It’s something we all are aware of. Plumbing can be expensive, and because we’re not all plumbers we don’t think about every fixture in the house on a regular basis! But truthfully? It’s more expensive to leave your fixtures alone for an extended time than to simply mark your calendar and have a consistent schedule to ensure your plumbing is in good condition!

Myth #3: Water Heaters cannot explode.

My goodness it’s not a comforting thought is it? Water heaters don’t explode often, because they have a handy-dandy pressure release valve that ensures that when the pressure builds up, nothing goes *boom*… so you can see the importance of checking in with your plumber throughout the years! It’s rare that a water heater will explode, but if it’s not being maintained correctly through the years, the chances of somethng going wrong do go up. And while the idea sounds terrible, and the curiosity of seeing it happen are both very real- it may be best to make sure you keep your water heater safe and sound, and just watch the mythbusters do their thing!

All I can say is WHOA.

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