Hello friends! Halloween is coming and I know it is important to guard my family from scary spooks, but what can I do when they’ve already gotten into the house!?!

Hope you enjoy, and maybe learn something from my story of the spooky sound that scared me and how Byron saved the day!

“The Thing That Went THUMP in the Night”

It was a quiet evening early in October when my humans decided to go out to dinner. As usual, they asked me to guard the house while they were gone. It was an easy job, although recently my humans had begun decorating for Halloween and I kept finding new spooky surprises around the house! A few days prior to this I had found bats all over the walls of the living room! After watching them for a few hours I discovered they were not moving so I was no longer concerned.

It was not long after my humans had left that I began to hear a strange popping noise behind the house. I stood close to the wall where the sound was loudest and listened for a while. When it did not stop I barked at it to try to scare it away. But it did not leave! I thought the house was in dangerous so I checked all the doors to make sure they were locked. I worried that my humans might have left a door unlocked and could let in whatever was popping so angrily outside! The sound stopped after a while, and when Byron and Mollie came home I tried to tell them what had frightened me so badly. The popping sound returned just a few hours later and I was quick to ensure they heard it!

Byron bravely ventured outside to check it out. I wanted to go with him but decided to guard Mollie instead. When he came back inside he told us that the water heater was not going to explode, it simply had been heating up and minerals inside had begun to expand and pop because of it! Byron made sure to flush the water heater the next day. No need to worry after all!

Byron understood why I had been scared and told me that water heaters can make lots of scary noises, but that does not always mean trouble! If I hear small noises such as hissing or crackling that’s ok, it’s just how they work! But if I see water dripping, smell anything coming from the water heater, or if the noises get really loud, then there IS cause to worry!

Want to avoid scary noises or emergencies this Halloween???

Just give us a call or text at 941-504-3578 and we’ll be happy to help you avoid, or deal with, any spooky plumbing problems or Halloween horrors! We might not be able to eliminate any ghastly ghouls or ghosts, but we can definitely provide Next Level plumbing service!


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