AUG. 9th- Nat’l Book Lover’s Day

AUG. 10th- Nat’l Lazy Day

Did You Know!?

Today (Aug. 9th) is the day to celebrate being a book lover, and tomorrow (Aug. 10th) is the perfect excuse to be lazy and enjoy a relaxing day free of stress! Not everyone celebrates national days, but we at Next Level Plumbing have discovered that finding something “special” to celebrate or appreciate about the day can make it go by more enjoyably than you might expect! It also can provide an opportunity for you to be excited about something you might not have thought of if it weren’t for that National day popping up and reminding you!

For example… book lovers!

This day is the perfect reason to do the things book lovers enjoy most! Going to libraries, book stores, their private study, or the cozy corner of their couch, and reading to their hearts content! Book lovers get excited over things like this, a new (or old) bookstore, the release of the next book in a series, a quiet, comfortable corner to read in, a library quiet with just the rustle of pages being turned and books being enjoyed… Book Lovers take advantage of this National day- it’s just for you! And share your love of books with others too! Everyone can benefit from reading more whether they’re young or old!

We’re not forgetting about tomorrow!

The next day to celebrate on the calendar is “National Lazy Day” which is Aug. 10th! Although there are certainly people out there who hate to be lazy, many of us relish the opportunity for a lazy day (that’s often what Sundays are for the Next Level Plumbing crew) since it allows us to sit back, take a breather, and let go of some of the stress that has built up through the week. Not able to take the whole day and just be lazy? Then designate a time to disconnect from the world, step away, and relax. While relaxing for a short time may not be considered “lazy” it will certainly be worth your while!

What does taking a day to be lazy look like for you? Would it be setting up your hammock in the shade with all the snacks, beverages, and entertainment you could need to relax without having to get up for hours? Would it be shutting yourself in your bedroom and sleeping or reading to your hearts content? Maybe it’s simply doing things at your own pace, relaxed and without time constraints… whatever a lazy day is for you, make sure you incorporate one into your life when the stress levels get too high. You’ll be glad you did!

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Hope you enjoy!

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