The Christmas season is here which means that it’s also the gift-giving season!

For some, this is a joyous occasion, and for others, it’s a chore.

We’ve all probably wondered what gift to give someone at some point, and have even wondered if we should give gifts to others (those people who are more like acquaintances or business connections).

One example would be the plumber. If your plumber comes out to your house around Christmas time do you have to give him a gift? If so what?

The short answer is no, you do not have to give him a gift. But if you are in the giving mood and want to give him a little something that is always appreciated too. If you would like to give something but don’t know what, here are a few ideas from what I have gotten in the past.

A plate of cookies! Who doesn’t want some good Christmas cookies? I have gotten a plate of Christmas cookies many times and they are always gone before I get home. Shhhhh! Don’t tell my wife!

Plumbers always like to receive good reviews too. It shows their boss that you really did like them and appreciates them. It also helps the company. This is probably my personal favorite gift as it helps my business grow by telling others what you thought of my services.

Tips! Tips are not required or expected in the plumbing industry, at least not in the Sarasota/Bradenton area. But they are very much appreciated when they are given. It is always nice to be able to put a little bit of cash into your pocket and get a free lunch, or coffee during the day.

Being understanding! During the holiday’s things can get pretty hectic and this goes for the plumbers out there as well. People want their plumbing working for when their guests arrive and so when something breaks they understandably want it fixed immediately. Sometimes it is hard to get to everyone and simply having a good attitude about it and not taking your frustration out on the plumber is appreciated. Trust me, we remember the people who are grumpy with us when we are working 12 hour days to try to please everyone. The flip side is that we also remember and like those that are understanding and nice when things are not going well.

Hopefully, these holiday gift suggestions will help someone out this year!

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