You’ve got the time! Your yard could use the attention! Why not add some new colorful additions to your summer garden!?

I may not be a pro at gardening, (or keeping plants alive for that matter) but I have a peppermint plant that is very happy! And I’ve definitely done my research in preparing for our upcoming side yard renovation!

There several things that can amp up any summer garden in Florida! Even if you’re starting from scratch! Let’s take a look at them!

An Outdoor plumbing fixture!

Pardon? What kind of fixture??? Well it could be something as simple (and necessary) and a longer garden hose, a new nozzle, adapter, or hose bib! Orrrrrr it could be something cute and unique, a definite attention grabber for your garden, like a working pitcher pump! Not only does it add to the visual aid of your garden, but it plays a useful role as well!

Try adding in some herbs!


Not much meets the harsh requirements of surviving in a summer garden, but when it comes to a great herb to add to the frenzy of colors and scents, try out mint! Mint can add variety and flavor to any garden. It’s tolerant of Florida summers as well! It prefers shade from the midday sun and thrives with moist soil, so it’s a great option for potting! Another benefit of mint is that there are multiple types of mint! Take your pick from peppermint, spearmint, chocolate mint, or various citrus flavored mint plants! Or if you’re really into mint, collect them all!


If you’re really loving the concept of an herb garden, but want to expand beyond mint, give Rosemary and Chamomile a go! These two plants serve many purposes, not only do they repel bugs, but they’re great for use in the kitchen, and they’re safe for pets! As a pet owner, pet safety is a high priority for me! BayMaxx is a pretty smart like dude, but I wouldn’t put it past him to taste-test a few of the plants outside!

This is why I’m so interested in knowing just which plants are safe, and which are deadly poisonous. Remember to double check any plants you want in your garden to ensure they’re safe for any exploratory pet that you have. For example, Citronella is perfect for repelling bugs, but it’s toxis to dogs and cats! If you’re going to have toxic plants around, make sure they’re out of reach of the pets!


Flowers for a pop of color!?

It’s hard to imagine a beautiful outdoor space without colorful thriving flowers! Luckily for us Floridians, many flowers flourish in this sizzling summer atmosphere. There are tons of options allowing you to choose based on your favorite scents, colors, and whethe you prefer delicate or hardy plants- essentially choosing from beginner to master level gardening! If you like hardy, dependable, brightly colored flowers- give the Caladium or “Elephant Ears” a try!

Caladium “Elephant Ears”

Begonias bloom year round and come in pink red and white. They can handle the summer heat and appreciate a ton of water and some light shade.

Begonias in red & pink

Want to attract some butterflies? Go ahead and add some Penta’s Or “Egyptian Star Flowers” to your garden! They grow year round, and are happiest with plenty of water, warmth and sunlight!

Pentas “Egyptian Star Flowers”

You know how in Florida rainstorms are common throughout the month if not weekly? Well there is a flowe that truly appreciates that much water! The rain lily is a fan of both the scorching heat and the summer showers! They often bloom right after a storm has passed through!

Let’s not forget our veggies!

Summer honestly is not the best time for growing fruits and veggies here in FL… but there is one specific plant that simply flourishes in the summer, providing brightly colored vegetables for flavorful dishes!

Peppers! They love to soak up the rays and prefer soil that’s packed full of nutrients but still drains well. You can go for any kind of pepper- jalapeños to bell peppers- whatever flavor you crave! And if you’re not a pepper person (like me) they grow in beautiful shades of orange, green, and red- great for that extra pop of color for your garden!!

Hope these ideas and suggestions help you out as you create the ideal Floridian summer garden!!! Good luck green thumbs,

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