Tech Tips to Understand Your Plumbing

These are both technology & technician tips provided to help you understand & minimize your plumbing problems!

Technology tips:

It isn’t hard to simply google a problem you have, and in today’s world, that is usually the first thing we do when a problem or question comes up! But Google has so much info that sometimes it gets tricky knowing what to take away from its endless pages! Here are some technology tips that can simplify your questions or concerns about the plumbing in your home!

  • Tip 1: Looking for info on your water heater or a plumbing fixture in your home??? Many manufacturers provide detailed information on their products, including where and how to find out the age of your water heater, or whether that shower faucet needs a repair or to be replaced! Most websites also have a contact page that allows you to send a request or find a number to call with questions or concerns as well!
  • Tip 2: Narrow down the online search by being as specific as you can with your search! If you are looking for a company to come to drain your septic tank, make sure you find a business that does that in your area, don’t just call the first plumbing company you think of! Many businesses specialize in specific things and will list those areas of expertise on their website. For example, Next Level Plumbing specializes in residential plumbing repairs and remodel work. If you have further questions, never hesitate to call the business and ask before setting up an appointment!
  • Tip 3: Read the reviews! Whether this is for a product or a plumbing company, checking to see how they’ve been reviewed always helps! This gives you a better understanding of their product and/or service helping you to make an informed decision about what’s best for you!

Technician Tips:

When you call a plumbing company and they send a technician to your home, it can be expected that you want someone knowledgeable in that service area to arrive and fix the problem at hand… but have you ever had an experience that you reflect on with a thought similar to this?
“I don’t think that technician was very experienced or knowledgeable…”

We all have the same perspective when it comes to this type of situation. We’re paying for quality work and a knowledgeable person to do it! So here are a few tips to better understand your plumbing, courtesy of NLP’s owner & master plumber, Byron.

  • Tip 1: Check up on the plumbing company you use!

    If you start to see a trend of plumbers not doing their job as well as they should be, you might consider trying a new company or checking to make sure you’re working with a quality business! Florida law only requires one plumbing license on the whole company which means that it is up to the company to make sure their plumbers are qualified to do their jobs!

  • Tip 2: Keep track of any warranties you purchase!

    Some plumbing companies provide very specific warranties on the work they do, and various manufacturers often have warranties that other companies or plumbers are not able to work with. The same goes for home warranty companies so make sure to do your research in regards to any and all warranties!

  • Tip 3: Sometimes it’s best to let the professionals handle it!

    You may be an exceptional do-it-yourself-er, but occasionally it’s best to let the plumber do the plumbing! Many times a customer will order or buy a part online and expect everything to work out perfectly for the install, however, that’s quite often not the case. If you’re even the least bit unsure about a plumbing concern in your home, give us a call or text at Next Level Plumbing! We can go out and assess the problem and provide with you a free quote and discuss your best options, this allows the best option to be chosen on the first try! No frustration or confusion is necessary!

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