Did you know today is National Bubble Bath Day!?!

Yep! It’s an actual day! A day to celebrate the wonderful, stress relieving experience of taking a bubble bath!

There are endless things in life that can cause us to get uptight, anxious, frustrated, and stressed.

But what we often forget is that there is a counterbalance to all this negativity, we just need to figure out what works best for each of us! Maybe the best stress reliever for you is a bubble bath! I mean, when the last time you actually took a real bubbly bubble bath??

Don’t think a bubble bath is the cure to the way you stress out?

Which version of stressing out is your personal go to?

Do you get a bit angry?

Or do you hide the stress on the inside so no one can tell???

Do you worry a bunch?

Or do you just go to your happy place & pretend nothing’s wrong!?

Everyone displays & deals with the stresses of life differently, but I think we can all agree that life is better & happier when it’s stress-free!

3 Ways to De-stress Today!

1. Exercise for a bit!

It’s been proven that some regular exercise each day can help you relax! Many people say that going to the gym or spending some time exercising is their favorite form of therapy!

2. Go ahead and worry about it!

But only for 10 minutes. Set a timer for yourself, think through why you’re worrying and all the possible outcomes of the situation, then when the timer ends, make sure to let go of your worries and set them aside to focus on the rest of your day.

3. Count your blessings!

Sometimes stepping back and putting things into perspective can really help you recognize what matters in life.

3 Bubble Baths to Try…

1. DIY essential oil bubble bath! (Link Here!)

This easy and natural homemade bubble bath recipe from Pinterest is practically perfect in every way! Safe for all ages, chemical free, and cheap to make- this recipes can be adjusted based on what essential oils you have on hand, or prefer to use!

2. BIG Bubbles bath recipe (Link Here!)

There’s nothing more disappointing than expecting one thing and getting the opposite. If I was told as a child that I got to have a bubble bath and came into the bathroom to see a barely sudsy tub, I would’ve been seriously bummed out! However, with this BIG bubble bath recipe, I don’t think you’d have that problem! It guarantees a big, bubble filled bath!

3. Bubbling Bath Salts (Link Here!) 

Bath salts smell incredible and can do wonderful things for your body; bubble baths look amazing and can make your heart & soul happier! Want to try them both at once?! Give this bubbling bath salt recipe a try and see just what wonders (or handy gift giving ideas) you discover when you test it out! You may just find the perfect present for any occasion in the form of fantastic smelling, soul lifting, body blessing, bubbly bath salts!

Is Your Bathtub Not Ready for Bubbles??

Thank goodness this is a plumbing blog! Here at NLP we promise to provide the perfect plumber to fix any plumbing concerns you might have! If you’re all excited to take a bubble bath, but when you go to turn the water on to your tub, something goes wrong, we can help you!

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