Summer! School is a distant memory, and the sun is here in full force! As well as the thunderstorms, and the mosquitoes… ok so the majority of summer is good! For example, going on vacation is good! Scratch that, vacations are Great! At least, vacations for Byron and I are!

We started this grand and glorious vacation tradition two years ago when we went on our honeymoon. Though it’s not exactly during the summer months that we go on these vacations (we got married & took our honeymoon in December) we still achieve the full summer vacation effect by soaking up the sun and traveling in style to multiple tropical destinations!

That’s right. We cruise. Royal Caribbean style!

Why cruise??? Well for a number of reasons!

It’s a great way to travel and see new places all while having access to great service, endless entertainment, unlimited food, and pools in the sun! Not to mention that you can get waaayyyy more for the price of a 7 night cruise than you could going on most other forms of vacations! We even compared options! Week long road trip? Way more expensive than a cruise when you tally up all the costs. 4 or 5 day trip to Ireland? Definitely more expensive than a week long cruise to the Caribbean. (Living in Florida helps lower the initial cost of cruising a lot though!)

Another reason? We’ve never had as much fun! Or felt so on vacation! Completely away from work and home- we could actually escape to an island beach- or just hang out on the ship the whole day and explore. Mind you we are very particular about the cruise experiences we want! 7 day cruises are the BEST in our opinion! And Royal Caribbean has been absolutely incredible from the start- so we don’t feel the need to try any other cruise line (though we certainly wouldn’t be against it!) Our first cruise was on the Allure of the Seas- since then we’ve been on the Oasis (the Allure’s sister ship) and a smaller ship in the fleet, the Majesty of the Seas.

Guys I’m not kidding, the longer cruises on the biggest ships = the most fun! We’re hooked! Royal Caribbean has a brand new ship that’s really caught our attention- the Symphony of the Seas. Biggest and most spectacular ship out there! And we haven’t even been on it…yet! Though the Symphony has had our attention and appreciation since it came to port in Miami, we’ve been a bit more practical and chosen to take a second voyage this December for our 2 year anniversary on the one that started it all, the Allure!

Are we excited?

….at about the level of these minions here… yes we are!!

So what am I recommending to you for a summer vacation, or anytime of the year vacation depending on the adventure you want??

Try a cruise! While you may have a cruise line you love and stick to like we do, or you want to try a variety of cruises and visit different places, or you’re simply wanting to give it a go based on the deals they offer- cruising is a great escape from the everyday routine of life we all get into. If you’re not a fan of sailing out into the big blue, there are riverboat cruises, Alaskan cruises, and even European cruises that follow coastlines like the Amalfi coast off of Italy! (Talk about a dream vacay!) Cruising May also just not be your thing! But then, to each their own! Either way- make your summer- or whenever you’re vacationing great! By your standards not anyone else’s!




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