Hello, Again Friends!

It’s summertime! Florida has great weather all year long, but I especially love to play in the sun and rest in shade during the summer! What dog doesn’t!? If we haven’t met yet let me introduce myself!
My name’s BayMaxx!

I’m a four-year-old American Staffy whose main job is to guard Next Level Plumbing’s office and manager, be the business mascot, and remind my humans how much I love them! I like to play with my neighbor’s pup and her little humans and LOVE to eat ice cubes (especially in summer!) I know a lot of tricks but am not very good at playing fetch, I love to sunbathe, and always want to join in when I see my human dancing around the house- who wouldn’t want to join in such a fun activity!?

Since it’s summertime now, I wanted to share with you 5 places I’m excited about visiting/revisiting during the upcoming summer days! I think any pup would love adventures like these too- so I’m happy to tell you about these fun things to do with your pet!
Before I start, don’t forget to travel prepared for any adventure when you’re bringing your pup along!

I’m not fancy and don’t need too much to be happy, but I really appreciate having a water bowl to take a drink when I need it, a towel for when I inevitably get wet or dirty, a toy to chew on when I’m taking a break from playing, and some treats to remind me of when I’m being extra good!
Of course, having a backup collar, leash, and doggy bags is always a must too!
Now let’s check out these five fun pet-friendly adventures around town!

1. Bayfront Park:

This Place is awesome! I don’t see dogs running off their leash often but that’s ok since I behave better if I stay with my humans (people are less scared too- but I don’t know why!) I love that there’s a bunch of trees and the water is right there too! Lots of people come here to walk around, exercise, enjoy the views, and relax! Every time I’ve gone to Bayfront Park I got lots of love and compliments so I’m a big fan of this kind of adventure! If you humans need a break or want some lunch there’s also a great little restaurant there that’s dog friendly! Check it out if you haven’t already! Click here to check out the details of Bayfront Park!

2. Brohard Paw Park & Beach in Venice:

A Park and a Beach in one! Perfect! I haven’t been here yet but I hope to go soon! Not only does it have an off-the-leash area where pups can play in the ocean, but it’s got a nice shady dog park area with a dog shower for rinsing off the salty water! It seems like the ideal summer adventure spot to me! Humans make sure the water is safe from algae blooms before taking us pups here though, some algae are really bad for us! If you want to rinse off your dog before hopping back in the car, make sure to have shampoo and a towel with you when you head to the dog shower! Click to check out Brohard Paw Park & More!

3. Myakka State Park:

For those country-loving people and pups, this park is perfect! Since I grew up just a few miles away from Myakka State Park this place feels like home! It’s probably best to keep your pup on a leash when near the river since there are LOTS of gators around, and there are occasional boar traps located throughout the park as well, but if you’ve got an especially well-behaved pup you should be ok! I like to walk the trails with my humans and get some good exercise in! Definitely make use of the shady areas and bring water though! This park can get overwhelmingly hot during the summertime! My favorite part of this park adventure is getting a good workout in on the trails and cooling off in the car’s AC on the way home! Check out their website for more details: Myakka State Park website

4. Sarasota Farmer’s Market:

I haven’t been yet, but I bet I’ll absolutely love it when I go! This Saturday event in downtown Sarasota is full of humans showing off their pups and exploring the many booths at the market! With food, flowers, vendors of every kind, and pups everywhere- it’s practically heaven on earth! Make sure your pup is on a leash at this location though, better safe than sorry! The farmers market is open Saturdays from 7 am until 1 pm. Make sure to go and experience this fun part of Sarasota! (Sarasota Farmers Market)

5. Overlook Park & Quick Point Nature Reserve:

I saved the best for the last guys! This is my absolute favorite summer adventure to go on! And my humans love it too! This park and preserve are found right over the bridge past Mote Marine, you can hang out at the beach, tan, hammock, play in the water, or kayak! If you’re up for a bit of exploring follow the boardwalk under the bridge over to Quick Point and keep going to explore the many passages and walkways that lead to beautiful places to sit down, relax, and enjoy the view! Don’t miss out on this great spot for a fun summer day with your pup! (Overlook Park & Quick Point Preserve)

Hope you enjoy and make good use of these sunny summer suggestions for you and your furry friend! If you’d like to read more of my blogs then check out a few that I’ve shared below! Thanks for reading along and I’ll see you next time!
Love, BayMaxx!

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