Check Out This Useful Summer Save Courtesy of Next Level Plumbing’s Owner & Master Plumber, Byron!

Keep reading below to learn about an easy summer save you can do this week!
It is still summer, and here in Florida, it feels like it will never end. But it will! One day cool weather will come in on a breeze and we will all be rejoicing! But until that time, we need to keep up on the things that are easier to do in the heat, like washing the car.

Washing the car is a joy for some, and a chore for others. Regardless of what it is for you, there is no need to go through any extra work when it comes to maintaining your vehicle’s exterior looks. One of the big things you can do (if your house is lacking it) is to put a hose bib near where you want to wash your car. Sounds like common sense right?

If the house you live in currently has a hose bib near the garage you may think this sounds absurd to even mention it. But for those of us, and yes I am one of them, who do not have a hose bib near the garage, we have to drag 100 feet of hose from wherever is closest and then start washing the car. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but it really is, especially on a hot day.

This is why it is on my to-do list to install a hose bib near the garage to wash the car. There are several ways of getting a cold water spigot where you want to use it. It can be run underground, through an attic, out a side wall, or many other options depending on the layout of the house and garage.

For those of you who already have the ease of a spigot near your garage, enjoy it! For those that don’t, make it a summer project to get it completed so the car will be less work to wash, and be cleaned more often.

We hope you enjoyed this Summer Save Tip from Byron!

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